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Does losing your virginity hurt? Is it strange or what??

You cannot lose your virginity. I will continue to try and teach ppl to cross that term from their vocabulary until I fucking die. Virginity = non existent. Having sex for the first time CAN be painful for ppl with a vagina because it’s most likely the first time their hymen stretches that far, and if your partner goes too fast, it might rip, which is what the myth of “losing your virginity” in a painful, bloody manner is based on. When you and your partner take the time for foreplay to get you all turned on and wet, when you’re relaxed and in the mood for sex, I promise it’s not gonna hurt. (Unless you’re one of the few people who have an extremely tight vagina by nature. These people feel pain during sex even when they really want it, even when they’re wet etc. But it’s not THAT likely, so please don’t stress out about that. YOu’ll realise it very soon, and like I said, it’s not that likely.) It’s very important to communicate with your partner and do what it takes to make it nice for you. Don’t just lay down and let them put it in, foreplay is essential, and the wetter and more relaxed you are, the better. Take it slow and it’s gonna be great. Don’t expect too much, it’s gonna be your first time, not your best time. But it can be a great experience when done with a person you like and when you really want it. It does feel a little strange at first. I used toys long before I first slept with a guy so the feeling wasn’t new to me, but it’s still different from masturbating with a toy. I mean, it does give u a certain sensation when there’s something inside you, but it’s a great feeling, really. Don’t be scared and don’t rush it <3

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there's so few girls;; mwfs?

We definitely have a mass shortage on girls! It’s most upsetting!! :<

I’d love to see Rainbow’s Jaekyung, Woori and Hyunyoung, After School’s UEE, Raina or Kaeun– Secret’s Sunhwa, Sistar’s Dasom or Soyou, APINK’s Naeun, Eunji or Bomi– and Dalshabet’s Serri, Ahyoung, and Subin! :>

Members, feel free to leave your suggestions~

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