A Surprise Getaway

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Artist: Olltii

You were putting on your shoes when Olltii sent you a text telling you he was downstairs.

You were going to spend the evening with him at his studio.

When he asked if you wanted to hang out with him at the studio, you said yes because you’ve been home all day working on a project and it felt suffocating to you.

So fresh air and maybe a cup of coffee from your favorite café would be perfect. You just sent him a text back saying you’ll be down.

You came down to seeing him leaning over his car waiting for you.

“Hey there” you said to get his attention from his phone.

“Hey baby” he came closer and pecked your lips.

“Let’s go” you said.

Him being a gentleman he waited until you got into your seat and closed the door for you, you always felt like a princess when your with him. It was one of his nicknames for you and he truly treated you like one.

He saw that you already got your hands on the aux cord, you always loved having good music when you were driving or him.

“How was your day baby” you asked him.

“It was pretty much the same sucky, and yours ” he said in a pouty voice

“Mm, I’m sorry baby, how can I make it better” you started babying him, he loved it.

“Well, my day just got better now that I have my girl next to me, but you can start by giving me a kiss” he said then turned his cheek to you so you could kiss it. You held his face from the chin and gave him a kiss.

“What else woosungie” you asked since you knew it was just the start.

“You can hold my hand” and he gave you a shy smile.

You held his hand, even though you always wanted him to have both hands on the steering wheel while driving, but the speed limit was so low and traffic was another thing too, so you didn’t mind.

“Aigoo, is my baby feeling better” you said he just started laughing and nodded his head, but then held your hand up to his mouth and kissed it.

Woo Sung was someone to show his love threw actions rather than words, you had to learn that about him.

30 minutes into the drive and then you looked up too see an unfamiliar view in front of you, you didn’t notice it first because you were changing the music and checking social media.

“Babee, where are we, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the way to your studio or the café?” You asked suspicious.

“Welll, we’re not going to the studio, we may be going on a little trip me and you” he said with a smile.

“What you mean where are we going” you were getting excited at what he was saying.

“I wanted to do a little surprise for you, baby I know how you’ve been locked up in the office working on your project to no end, and I know that’s been stressing you, so I wanted us to go on a little trip that’s stress free” he said hoping your not mad.

Babyy, your the best” you told him, and he relaxed seeing you were actually happy and not mad. You hugged him, and kissed his cheek.

“Anything for you baby”.

Where are we going baby thou” you asked him curios.

“Well, were going to Juju Island, but right now I’m driving to the airport” he said.

“Nooo way, I’ve been wanting to go there, but I thought you forgot” you told him.

“Baby I’m always listening to what you say” he told you.

“Even when I’m talking about the makeup products I bought” you said challenging him.

“Of course” he said as if he is offended.

“Oh yeah, what did I buy last time then” you asked.

You bought a new NARS concealer” he said and then looked to see your shocked face, your mouth was open and your eyes were wide, you really didn’t think he was listening when you talked about things like that, but he’s a guys and you knew that’s not his interest.

“Babeeeee, you really are the best”. The rest of the drive was just you rapping along to his rap, and he loved it, you knew them by heart and you even got the flow right, and also you forcing him to sing along with you to your favorite songs.

You really appreciated the things he did for you, even when he had things to do we would prefer to make sure your good. 

Thank you so much for reading the scenario, hope you enjoyed it.


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