laying on the hood of luke’s car one night staring up at the stars, the two of you cuddled together with luke’s hoodie draped over you for added warmth, and his fingertips are tracing up and down your arm softly as you take turns pointing out the brightest stars and coolest constellations, until you see a shooting star and you sit up, gasping with excitement as you shake luke’s arm fervidly, and he just chuckles as you lay back down in his arms and he plants a kiss on the top of your head, declaring that he’s officially naming the shooting star after you, and when you ask why, he squeezes you tighter and simply says “because the excitement you felt seeing it is how i feel every time i look at you”

HTML5 Spinning Plumbob
I made a thing!

This is a bit of an odd post. I was bored and wanted to try learning how to do 3D graphical programming. Being the massive Sims nerd that I am, of course the first thing I’d make is a spinning plumbob. xD

It’s all done natively in the browser, no Flash required. Excuse the crappiness of it, this is my first attempt at 3d graphics (including meshing and lighting). Oh, and just for fun I added a color picker so you can change the color of the plumbob. Why not? :)

Click the link at the top of the post to view it!

Harmonica Necklace

Create beautiful music wherever you go while adding an instrumental touch to your outfit with the harmonica necklace. This enchantingly functional necklace comes on a thin 28″ brass chain and features a small 1 3/8″ harmonica you can actually play.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

GOP Challenging Signature Of Voter With Cerebral Palsy - AllOtsego.com
Combining the reporting power of the newspapers, The Freeman's Journal and Hometown Oneonta, we serve the latest and most reliable news to Oneonta, Cooperstown, and all of Otsego County, New York.

COOPERSTOWN – Since he has Cerebral Palsy, Patrick Dewey is unable to sign his name: Instead, he uses a rubber stamp with his “mark” above it.

That’s not good enough for the county Republican Committee, according to Democratic Committee chair Richard Abbate of Cooperstown.

In a lawsuit challenging the petitions of Democratic candidate Andrew Marietta, who is running against Republican county Rep. Rick Hulse for the Cooperstown-Town of Otsego seat, the GOP is seeking to knock off Patrick’s signature.

“Rick knows him (Patrick) personally,” said Abbate, and he called for Hulse to withdraw the challenge to Marietta’s petitions.  Hulse didn’t immediately return a call, but his response will be added to this post when received.

Dewey received a standing ovation at CCS’ commencement Sunday, June 28, when he graduated with honors.  He plans to attend Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and pursue a career in radio.

“It’s things like this that gives the political process a bad reputation and makes people not want to get involved,” said Abbate.

plain english: patrick dewey made his mark (the line seen above his name) and then stamped it for identification purposes, as these petitions do not have a separate printed-name and signature field. the republicans in otsego county are now challenging his signature, bc election law states that a stamp is insufficient on a petition - however, patrick TOOK A PEN AND MADE HIS MARK as well.

the lawsuit was filed preemptively (tbf, poor scheduling by the board of elections would have made filing the suit after the boe’s hearing impossible, but you’ll notice the dems did not do the same regarding the signatures they challenged), at the very last minute.

please pass this around - it might be smalltime politics, but dewey is being targeted because of his disability and for no other reason.


(official) 150804 ‘key’s know how’: behind the scenes of 'married to the music’


All About The Face~ Skin Detail Collection

We created a nice and big set of skin stuff for your simmehs! ^.^

All ages, all genders. 

3 Face Masks 

3 different face masks: 01: Pores | 02: Redness | 03: Smooth Shine

They add a lot of detail and depth in a face, and you can choose what effect you like the most. The lightest colours glow bright, while the darker ones are just adding a 3D effect. You can find them under “Moles”


Yaaas, dimples! Cute and realistic dimples for your sims. They come in 1 colour, which fits to all skintones, thanks to its transparency.

Sugar Face Skin

This new face skintone fits perfectly to all goodies shown here, like the day to the night. One main different thing to my other faceskins is, that this skin is a lot more… mature? It is darker, heavier, realistic, contoured, and grungier. While most of my other skins create a porcelain-like look, this skin is kind of the opposite of them. Darker eyelids and eyebags are included. Nose is really soft and contoured, too. Sliiight wrinkles around the eye-area, smooth lips, and pores. These are the main differences, but other details will be found easily in comparison. 2 Versions are in there: Caucasian and asian.

Download here: *click*

  • Please DO NOT re-upload my creations or claim them as your own! All my creations are fully handpainted!! Please DO NOT use parts of my creations for other things! Thank you

One time I added someone from Tumblr on snapchat and in one night I reenacted the entire fellowship of the ring in about 400 or more seconds.

That was the last time I heard from that person.