Underrated Animated Movies


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Treasure Planet:

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Cat Soup:

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The Last Unicorn:

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Swan Princess:

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The Cat Returns:

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The Lion King 2:

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Oliver and Company:

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All Dogs Go To Heaven:

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UPDATE: Now with labels for each film.


Here’s another animatic for you guys!!

The itchy/Charlie dynamic really fits Morty and Rick????

Also, more than 90 frames

I love it when people put hi-res photos of the stuff they’re selling on eBay. Especially since the only other picture I had of this was beyond small and cut off. 

(Yeah I tried going after this one but another person was willing to throw WAY more money at it than I was. I had some in-studio Don Bluth newsletter stuff and a photocopied publicity drawing, too, but I was mostly in it for this, and when I’ve bought some cels for half the price of what this went for, the model sheet from earlier this year go for a little more than half of what this went for, and a whole packet of model sheets from the movie, which if I remember correctly, had this model sheet go for half of what this went for… yeah man you can have it! I don’t need the original to re-boot the sculpt!)

So you’re probably wondering what this super-blurry YouTube screenshot is doing here.

Well, first of all, a lot of this blog is for me, especially any and all animation art/development art finds.

Secondly, I have never seen any animation maquettes of Charlie. The ONLY Bluth maquette I have ever seen is a maquette of Mrs. Brisby. If they were all cast in regular plaster like the Mrs. Brisby one was, it would make sense that there haven’t been many others that survived the 30+ years. (Truly, it was amazing that the Brisby maquette was in as good a shape as it was.)

Tonight I was flipping around Google looking on the animation art galleries and somehow wandered to this featurette on YouTube on the making of Rock-A-Doodle. The only reason I watched it, I admit, was that they mentioned in the description that the thing was so poorly edited that it also contained shots of them preparing cels from ADGTH (which it did.) In the second part, I caught a glimpse of this as it zoomed into the animator’s room.

Well damn, folks, it certainly isn’t a character from Rock-A-Doodle, and there’s really only one character I can think of it potentially being. The ears, the peculiar way the fur falls on the underside of the tail…yeah, I can’t unsee it.

Also, people who know me may know that I have actually been working on my own maquette of Charlie for a while now. I sculpt, I think I sculpt well, I am just exceptionally slow do to my extreme perfectionism. 

I kind of feel better, from what little I can see mine seems to be on the right track, moreso than I thought. Posing is fairly similar, too. I honestly feel a lot better about mine now that I see this. 

Heck, maybe I’ll finish mine someday. Maybe. We’ll see.