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Hey everyone! This is @thespace-dragon here with @bluethisisforyou and @atrailof-whispers and we are heading up Klance Fluff Week! This should be a lot of fun, especially with the new season out soon! 

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The dates and Prompts:

  1. Jan 22nd: First
  2. Jan 23rd: Rainy Day
  3. Jan 24th: Night Out
  4. Jan 25th: Sleep
  5. Jan 26th: Feelings
  6. Jan 27th: Training
  7. Jan 28th: Pranks

We will accept all types of content for this event; fics, art, gif sets, headcanons etc. We will not tolerate reposting of any sorts, and you will be reported if we find reposted content for this event. We want to support everyone and celebrate this ship without any drama. Also, we want this to be as safe and fun as possible for everyone so PLEASE TAG YOUR NSFW.

Note: The other paladins and characters from the show can be included in your works, but this is a Klance week, and such, your work should be Klance-centric.

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4x01 / 1x02

#look how different their mannerisms are #tatiana is phenomenal #sarah is believable ENOUGH to be beth you might not even notice it at first  #but the way beth is sat more upright her arms crossed #but sarah is leaning over, her arms laid out #i love this parallel because its subtle differences just demonstrates beautifully how well tatiana has created the unique characterisation of each clone #that even when they play each other you can tell the difference 

kingofthebookcase  asked:

its been a while since you've added to the "my GIRLFRIEND" tag, can you tell us some nice developments in ur relationship?

I stayed over at my gf’s flat to celebrate new years with pals and we all watched Paul Blart and then Paul Blart 2 straight afterwards. They’re bad! The second one made us think more fondly of the first one because of how much worse it is.

On the morning of my last day there I was half-asleep in bed while my gf was at her computer and apparently in my sleep I was trying to tell her about how I couldn’t stop thinking about that fucking terrible sausage movie. I was trying to internally debate whether it would be a good candidate for bad movie night or if it would be so abhorrent as to completely remove any comedic value from experiencing it. But I was half asleep so what I was actually doing was torturing myself by thinking constantly about the bad sausage film. Apparently I mumbled to her “you don’t understand… I can’t stop thinking about… the fucking sausage movie…”

Food Theft

Dean x Sister!Reader

Imagine you and your twin, Dean always having issues with your food.

Warnings: Heavyish language, some sibling warfare, food being stolen (because this is a serious crime and needs a warning)

A/N: THERE ARE ALOT OF BOLD CAPS LOCKED WORDS I’M SORRY. See what I did there? Shut up- I’m funny.

Prompts from: @promptlywritingideas ​ , @impromptu-prompts , THERE’S ONE MORE BUT I CAN’T FIND THEIR BLOG ARGHHHHHH.

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Originally posted by 666little-girl666

Many words could be used to describe your twin Dean. Sarcastic. Protective. FOOD THIEF. Yep, the pair of you would probably shoot somebody who got between you guys and your food. Sam never dared get in between a ‘food war’ as he called it. Each time it started it was the same story on a different day. French fries. You heard right, French fries. He kept stealing them off of YOUR damn plate. The three of you, and Cas as always, were out on a case and had just finished up. Surviving off of half assed gas station food wasn’t cutting it and this was the first real fresh meal you all had sat down for. Even if it was at a restaurant. He must’ve thought he was being slick because every time you weren’t looking he’d grab one- or a few. But this time you set him up, purposely turned away but watched. When his hand snaked over to steal some, you grabbed it with one hand and held a fork in the other.

“You’re my brother and all, but if you steal one more French fry off of my plate- I’m stabbing you with my fork,” you released your grip on his hand. But he still managed to grab one. That’s right, the little shit took one anyways. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,”

Dean only laughed at your threat, taking another fry and stuffing it in his face. “You can share, brat,” fine, game on bitch.

The next day back at the bunker, you sought revenge. It couldn’t have been any earlier than 8:30am, Dean was going to get his morning dose of pie. But he was in for a surprise little did he know. Before his eyes stood a very proud little sister, you, holding a very prized possession, his pie, above your head on a little plate. Not only that- it was the last piece of pie.

“Oh, good morning. Can I help you with something?” A devious little smile was on your face. From the corner of your eye you saw Sam rounding the corner into the kitchen but then slowly backing out once he realized this was round two of the food war.

Y/n-” his voice was calm and he had his negotiation tone on. But you began waving the pie around violently. “Put it down dammit,”

Another wave. “You mean this?” You gave a fancy pose and then continued teasing him.

“Yes that! Now put it down before you drop it!” From his new tone, you could tell he was getting mad. So to make it worse you acted like you were going to drop it. The look on his face was priceless, you were almost 100% sure he stopped breathing for a minute.

“I swear, Y/n- this isn’t f-” you must’ve lost your grip in the middle of his sentence because it dropped. Glass shattered everywhere and the pie fell apart on the floor.

Oops…” you really didn’t mean to, but damn it was funny. Well, it wasn’t funny when he took your favorite homemade muffins and threw them at you.

“Don’t bring my muffins into this you ass!” Ducking and dodging muffins you ran out of the kitchen, shouting as you did.

It was round three, his move. And guess. What. He. Did. He fucking threw away your pizza. THE WHOLE DAMN PIZZA!!! And do you know what he had to say about that?

“Piece of cake. Piece of pie. Right?” Oooo you wanted to strangle the brat. But instead you got even.

Dumping out all of his beer was the start of round four. Man was he mad. Maybe he was so mad because said spilled beer had been filled in a bathtub…with his laptop in its liquidly goodness. But you couldn’t stop there, he wouldn’t show any emotion or budge. So you tried getting under his skin.

“Say it Dean. Say that you hate me so we can stop this,” it’s confusing how you win, the other sibling has to go into full freak out mode and call a game over. Longest game lasted three months.

“I hate you.” He sat at the table, pouting with his arms crossed.

“Liar,” leaning towards him as you walked passed, you whispered the word into his ear. Making him laugh a little.

“There’s no pleasing you, is there?” Another laugh from him, but you weren’t laughing right now. This was vengeance.


Okay so the pranking part was done with, you guys had called it a tie. First for everything. Sam had just made sandwiches for Dean and him and told you to “make your own”. Didn’t work out for him.

Slowly you inched your way over to Dean’s side of the table. But you instantly got shut down.

“If you want this sandwhich, you’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands,” Dean half said this with a mouth full of food.

“Challenge accepted.”

This whole thing ended with you grabbing the sandwhich off his plate, running from him, and locking yourself in the bathroom to eat it quickly.

He must’ve been pretty mad about the whole sandwich thing because later that day he went the store. He was carrying something behind his back. Was it ice cream? Not just any ice cream: Your favorite ice cream.

“Was that Ice cream behind your back I saw?” Standing on your tiptoes you tried your best to peer around him to see.

“No, it was ketchup. Why?” His words weren’t convincing and your face showed it.

He must’ve read the expression on your face because he ran to get back to his room, followed by you, throwing things at him as you ran behind him.

Apparently sandwiches has become a daily thing because that very next day, Sam made more sandwiches. He must’ve made some kind of deal with Dean because once again he didn’t make you one.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you and would do absolutely anything for you because you deserve the world big brother?” Your puppy dog eyes rested on Dean’s shoulder: he wasn’t buying it.

“I’m not giving you any food, Y/n…” a loud sigh came from you and a laugh from him.

PLEASE DEAN I’M STARVING!” Giving a dramatic fallout, you pushed your body to the ground and laid there pretending to be neglected and abused.

“You just stole half of Sam’s sandwich! You’re not starving!”

Long story short, the two of you were constantly stealing each other’s foods and picking fights with one another.

“We’re brother and sister Dean. You have to share,” this was your most recent attempt to get food from his plate. “Oh yeah? Says who?” Again, neither Sam or Cas did anything but sit by and watch.

“Says me!” You gave a fake offended look his way.

“Ha. Funny. You’re still not getting any of my food,” everybody but you laughed at Deans words, or maybe it was what you said while storming off to your room…


Oh, how did Sam survive living like this?

Workaholic AHOY!!!  

  • Name: ‘Kay’ will do
  • Species: Mesprit/Uxie/Azelf hybrid
  • Type: Psychic
  • Gender: N/A
  • Nature & Characteristic: Lonely & Highly Curious
  • Age: Old
  • Height: 1′ 1″
  • Occupation: personal secretary of The Boss

Born in a world that didn’t have the strength to create and sustain a full Trio. So they were to fulfill the duties of all.  Sadly, weak worlds don’t last long. 

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