*addams family

  • Gomez: I'm killing him.
  • Morticia: You're gonna kill someone? Alright. The car's gassed up, that's good. Guess I could homeschool the kids...
  • Gomez: No, Tish, the food is killing him.
  • Morticia: Oh, gotcha.
  • Gomez: God, Tish, you had all that ready?
  • Morticia: What? I'm just being supportive.

ladyshivs  asked:

How do you decide on the titles for your fics?

Titles are the worst [imagine Jean Ralphio gif here cos I’m on mobile] and I have so many duds, omg it’s not even funny. I generally have some boring working title like “necromancer au” or “oviposition bullshit” and then panic at the last minute.

Laeti Vescimur Nos Subacturis was one of the few where I always knew the title because the original mistranslation of the Addams Family credo pisses me off so much, so it was always going to be called that. Madame, That’s Not A Hedgehog is just one of my all time favourite animal welfare statements and never fails to make me laugh. The side fics for that AU ended up all having “help” in the title by accident for the first three and now I can’t stop, though the wedding fic (if it happens) will be called Some Animals Mate For Life. Most of my favourite titles were given to me by immensely superior writers and I am eternally grateful. The rest are puns. Too many puns. I really should be stopped.