KyoAni is adapting Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon

Why should this be a big deal? Check out the manga tags:

KyoAni is adapting a YURI manga, guys.

Now, I’ve actually been reading this manga before the announcement, and it’s more light slice-of-life stuff (surprise surprise, it’s KyoAni, after all). Main point, though, is that while the interactions are less romantic and mostly cutesy stuff, from what I’ve read so far, if KyoAni will stick to certain manga events, you’ll have something to look forward to with one of Tohru’s (the dragon) inner musings.

But I’m having fun reading this, so I’m definitely looking forward to the series next year.

Now is it coincidence that this is what they’re showing this adaptation in the season following Hibike! Euphonium 2? I’ll leave that for you to decide. (Just had to throw that in there, hahaha)

The Daily is featuring a trio of adaptations of short excerpts from Sigizmund Krhizhanovsky’s novel The Return of Münchausen, the latest entry in the NYRB Classics Book Club.

Here, Kevin Huizenga finds the baron composing aphorisms at a house known as Mad Bean Cottage.

25 Days of Outlander Day 7 - Favorite Mother Hildegarde Scene

It’s no secret that Mother Hildegarde is one of my favorite things about the Paris section of Dragonfly in Amber, so picking a favorite scene for Mother Hildegarde was tough but ultimately I landed on this scene because she isn’t just interacting with Claire, but with Jamie too. More than just a devout nun or healer for the sick, Mother Hildegarde is a musical prodigy and it isn’t a side she gets to share with too many people. 

Though she is wary of Jamie’s motives when he first approaches her, Mother Hildegarde trusts Claire and as soon as Claire vouches for Jamie, Mother Hildegarde is more than willing to help (and the moment is also a healing one for Jamie and Claire who have been out of sync and frustrated with one another for so much of the episode).

But a huge part of what makes it for me is Claire getting to hear Bach again. Though Mother Hildegarde is amused by her composer friend, she doesn’t believe his work is the sort to endure but Claire knows otherwise. What’s more, in choosing Jamie and life in the 18th century, Claire has had to accept that there are a lot of things––beyond just hot baths––that she will have to do without and the music of people like Bach and those who will come after him are among those sacrifices. So for her to hear Bach again is an unexpected treat, a link to her own time in many ways.

And Jamie can see written all over Claire’s face what she knows and what this music means to her, reminding him of all she gave up for him (and probably helping to curb his earlier frustrations with her more than her being able to assist does; he complained about the weight her ideas of stopping the Rising put on his shoulders but it’s easy for him to forget––at this point, at least––all of the sacrifices she has made simply by being there with him). 

Night meets can be a challenge to shoot, the good light is hard to find. At this event, the stadium lights were few, flickering, dim and changing color. I saw the blue hew coming from the time clock led lights illuminate the runners as they passed by. I adjusted my camera settings to the light and gave it a shot. #adapt #tracknation #jeffcohenphoto Trackandfieldimage.com #trackandfield #athletics #nikonusa #nikonsport #running #trackphotography #sportsphotography #lighting

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Bookmas Series: 7th December 2016
A review by Grace Fallon, an absolutely amazing blogger that you should all definitely check out: www.gracyviolet.blogspot.co.uk

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Rating: 9.5/10

The story begins in the summer of 1860, with Roger Button, a socially prominent man who owns a hardware company in Baltimore. Upon the birth of his child, Roger heads to the hospital to meet his newborn and finds that his “baby" is actually a 70-year-old man.

He names the child Benjamin Button, and it turns out that Benjamin actually ages in reverse. He was born at the age of 70 and gets younger at the same rate that everyone else gets older. His parents are completely influenced by the opinions of those around them, and are filled with shame at their abnormal child - forcing him to ‘act his age’, even though Benjamin takes the form of a much older man. Most people blame Benjamin for the way he is, wishing that he could just start acting normally, but Benjamin just takes the whole thing in his stride, like a true gentleman.

When he appears fifty (and is actually only 20 years old), Benjamin meets and falls in love with the beautiful young Hildegarde Moncrief. Luckily for him, Hildegarde likes the older men, and the two marry and have a son called Roscoe. Unfortunately, as Hildegarde gets older, Benjamin gets younger and he inevitably loses interest in his wife. But how can a book that focuses around reversed ageing end? …you’ll have to read this short story yourself to find out!

My complete and utter favourite thing about the book is that it is so unlike anything I have ever read before. The concept of it was so intriguing, and it genuinely had me thinking about it for days - imagining what it would be like if my own life was lead in this way. I also love the way that the story is told, and how it begins with us meeting Benjamin’s father, and then the arrival of Benjamin himself. It is told in such a beautiful way and describes a journey that, I personally believe, has the reader feeling that they are a part of. This is so utterly stereotypical, but I genuinely found myself unable to put the book down once I read the very first word.

The only fault that I could pick with the book is that it was so very short. I watched the film before I read the book (naughty, I know) and I felt that the film went into much more detail than the book did, which is peculiar as it is usually the other way round. However, I did find that the other short stories in the book made up for the shortage of text - and I would definitely recommend reading the whole thing from cover to cover.

seeing Beauty and the Beast in hyper-realistic CGI has forced me to re-evaluate the entire concept of the movie. Like the whole “talking furniture” thing was adorable & COOL in animated-form, but in reality it’s like a fuckin horror movie. You’re trapped in a place where cups have EYES and literally anything could’ve been an ex-person. That spoon you just licked clean? A person. That chair you’ve been sitting on? Practically someone’s LAP. That toilet in your bathroom? Oh-ho-hooo bOY DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU.  

Despite the loss of her legs, Li Juhong has been a doctor in her Chinese village since 2001.

Li lost her legs when she was 4 years old, on her way to preschool. She ran into the road and got caught under the wheels of a truck.

Since her accident she has been determined to remain mobile, and she learned to walk again using wooden stools. Growing up, Li had always wanted to be a doctor, so she left her village to get a degree in medicine, graduated from college, and was hired at the village clinic a year later.

She later married a man named Xing from her hometown. He quit his job to help around the house, and he carries Li to jobs when she isn’t able to travel by herself. Xing even carries Li on his back to neighboring villages so she can check up on the elderly or people who are unable to travel to her.

“I just did what I felt I had to do. Even if I’m not honored for my work, I would still continue to do my job as a rural doctor.”

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“you know you can come through the front door by now, right?”

“but princess, this is far more ro-meow-ntic.”

(…i just want adrien to be the hugest closet romantic ever. bad puns are romantic, right??)

There are two stage adaptions of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort maybe has one- no, two affairs!
  • Who is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
  • OOC versions of characters
  • Rose is stoic
  • Wrong use of the Marauder’s Map
  • Cedric flying naked on a broomstick of purple feathers
  • Craig
  • Blood Ball for Voldemort Day
  • Snape apparently is a good guy?
  • Sabotaging canon
  • “Scorpian King” Scorpius Malfoy
  • Ron married Parvati
  • For Voldemort and VALOR!
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors
  • Harry’s afraid of the dark, small spaces and pigeons.

A Very Potter Musical-series

  • Harry is a douchebag with a guitar who does covers of Disney songs
  • Ron is addicted to Red Vines
  • Ginny dances with guitars
  • Hermione’s true passion is fanfiction.
  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort and Quirrell end together and have a daughter.
  • Cedric is a good finder.
  • Draco wANT HERMIONE GRANGER- andarocketship.
  • Lucius Malfroy and Lord Voldemort are dancers
  • “My name’s Lucius, but you can call me Lucy. When I grow up, I want to be a Rockette.”
  • Snape has a talk show outside the shows.
  • The infamour Hogwart’s jaguar
  • Cho Chang y’all
  • Weird versions of characters.
  • Ron choreographed an affair with Lavender behind Hermione’s back.
  • Narcissa had an affair and Dobby is Draco’s real father.
  • James and Lily split, and Lily is married to Cedric now.
  • Dumbledore loves High School Musical
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors.
  • Albus Scarfy Potter

Only one of them is a parody


sansa stark + house allegiance (chosen and forced) ♦ requested by anonymous

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Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 2: Adaptations
Team: Falcon Helldiver

Artist: @andavs

Writer: @troubleiwant

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“So, you’re the host,” the kid says, glancing at Derek under long lashes. He angles his body closer, more than appropriate for casual conversation.

“I don’t remember inviting you,” Derek says, leaning in too, pretending it’s so he doesn’t have to shout to be heard over the pulsing beat of the music. “And I would remember.” Derek lets his fingers skim over the small of the other man’s back, just to see if he can.

“Oh, you need an invite to get into these shindigs?” Stiles asks with a teasing grin that seems to draw them into some kind of confidence. “I hear just about anything goes at Derek Hale’s parties.”

Derek curves his mouth into a flirtatious smile, because it’s something a spoiled rich boy thinking with his dick would do. “True, but I do like to know who’s doing the ‘anything’.”


Derek is Batman, Stiles is Cat…dude? Uh, he’s the Cat Thief, let’s go with that. They bone, okay? But first they angst about it.