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sometimes I wanna beat the shit out of Fake Frank but I feel like he'd like it and it would lead to a nasty and bloody make out sesh. I like my boys pathetic!!!

You do, do you? You want him on his knees, with a bloody nose and split lips? You want him panting, grabbing at your thighs and spitting some of that blood off to the side? Ha, I bet you even want him nosing at your crotch, all desperate right? 

Or maybe, you want him pinned against a wall, to pin him against a wall? I mean he’d look pretty with his hair flopping in his face, all sweat soaked and black as ink against his face. Oh and his shades sliding off, just barely perched on the bridge of his nose. He wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut, his lips would be parted and you’d hear every single, shuddering breath he took, wouldn’t you? 

You’d see the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed, you’d see the sluggish creep of blood from a cut on his cheek. You’d watch him flinch as you brought your hand up, but not away, he’d flinch into your touch. He’d turn his head into your hand, he’d whine when you tangle your fingers in his hair and yank hard. 

He’d whimper into your mouth as you kissed him, gasp and choke when you brace your forearm against his throat. He’d moan when you pressed harder, when you made it harder for him to breathe and he’d shudder when you yanked on his hair again to make him tilt his head into the kiss. 

He’d maybe even yelp when you force your thigh between his legs, force him to spread his legs just a little wider for you to fit between them. He’d definitely yelp when you pressed your leg against his crotch, when you rubbed slow and teasing because oh yeah, baby boy’s definitely half hard. At the least he’s half hard and he’s desperate for more, but only what you want to give him. 


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Draco found the tube under his bed. He knew it was the lipstick Pansy had lost and had been bitching about for days to anyone within earshot. He also knew that she had owl ordered a new one although, that wasn’t why he didn’t give it back.

He waited until everyone was in the great hall for dinner, spell locking the bathroom door behind him before he even dared to take the lipstick from his pocket. He opened it carefully, setting the outer tube on the ceramic counter with a soft click that seemed to fill the empty room. He twisted the tube and the deep red lipstick rose, feeling accusing just by being exposed to the air, in his hands, alone in this room.

A single faint tremor went through his hand. If his friends, if his family ever found out- He couldn’t bear the thought. But it was just curiosity, nothing more. Once he had done it, he would just leave the lipstick in the common room somewhere and be done with it. It was just once.

Draco bit his bottom lip thoughtfully and then lean forward. He hastily dried his lip with his thumb and then carefully traced his bottom lip, leaving pale red in its wake. He blinked, his heart rate picking up as he carefully went over his lip until the color was as deep and rich as the lipstick itself. He was a little too hasty on his upper lip and had to use some tissue to clean up the line until it was perfect.

He pressed his lips together and let them go. It was like looking at someone else. He had never paid much attention to his lips before except in passing.  They had a nice shape and the lipstick made them seem fuller and bigger. Draco leaned back from the mirror, shivering when he took in all of himself. The red was so stark against his pale skin, stark and bold. His cheeks were flushing with excitement and nerves.

He liked it. He liked everything about it.

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Mads Mikkelsen - Favorite roles

- Jacob in En kort en lang (2001) / Svend in The Green Butchers (2003) / Ivan in Adam’s Apples (2005) / Jacob Pederson in After the wedding (2006) / Christoffer in Prague (2006) / Le Chiffre in Casino Royale (2006) / Johann Friedrich Struensee in A Royal Affair (2012) / Lucas in The Hunt (2012) / Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal (2013-2015) / Elias in Men & Chicken (2015)