Ontario -- Stop torturing Adam Capay (petition)
Adam Capay’s been in solitary confinement for nearly 1,500 days with no trial. Add your name now to tell Ontario to stop the torture.

The Ontario government is torturing an innocent man – right now Adam Capay sits in solitary confinement with the lights blaring above his plexiglass cell 24 hours a day, but our call can help bring him justice.

He’s been there 4 years without a trial, and the only reason this made it to the media is because a brave whistleblower broke the news.
The Ontario Premier can demand justice for Adam. Her popularity is at a record low, and people are polling on if she’ll step down, so she really can’t afford another bad day in the papers. With enough pressure from our community, we can show her that citizens across the country are counting on her to stop the torture and reform the system.

Join now and when we have enough support we’ll bring big name leaders to visit Adam in prison and invite the press to make sure this story spreads right to the top of Ontario’s Government.


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