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World History: Ishtar Gate

The Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in about 575 BCE by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II on the north side of the city. Dedicated to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the gate was constructed using glazed brick with alternating rows of bas-relief mušḫuššu (dragons) and aurochs (bulls), symbolizing the gods Marduk and Adad respectively.It was excavated in the early 20th century and a reconstruction using original bricks is now shown in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. [x]


I KNOW I AM WAY BEHIND, but this is my 8th contribution to the ADAD (A Drawing A Day) Project. I’ve been struggling with a serious case of art-block recently, so I did a redraw of MY CURRENT FAVORITE POKESPE MOMENT BETWEEN MY BOYS on Painting Workshop (3DS).


For more details on ADAD, go here:


Middle Assyrian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal with a Lion-Dragon, 1300-1200 BC

This has the image of Ashur*, chief god of Assyria, on a winged solar disc facing a scorpion-tailed lion-dragon**. Above the lion-dragon is a recumbent crescent moon, a symbol of Sin, the moon god and alongside it is an eight-pointed star which represents the goddess Ishtar. Next are seven dots representing the Sebittu, seven benevolent gods whose power could be harnessed against evil by means of magic incantation. Astrologically these dots were identified with the Pleiades. There were temples dedicated to the Sebbitu at the Assyrian cities of Kalhu (Nimrud), Dur-Sharrukin (Khorsabad) and Nineveh.

*The god in the winged sun disc could also be Shamash, the sun god. Scholars are not all in agreement over which god is being represented within the winged sun disc in Assyrian art. Ashur is an indistinct deity with no clear iconography of his own. When he is represented in art his attributes tend to be borrowed from another god (in this case Shamash), which makes it difficult to definitively identify him.

**The lion-dragon is a beast which could be a reference to either the chief Assyrian god Ashur, the moon god Sin or the storm god Adad.


I’M A SUCKER FOR DOMESTIC CONTENT, so I made a comic (on Painting Workshop for the 3DS) about Morty and Eusine at the grocery store. Morty always tries to get the big bag of “FANCY WALNUTS” that are always overpriced, but this time he has
C O U P O N S! Eusine can’t say “no,” now!

To officially get caught up on my ADAD (A Drawing A Day) Project, I’m counting each panel as my 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th contributions.

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Five-sentence fic: Thorin + Dwarflings

Requested by @grace-for-sale

The baby has just stirred and stretched in your arms, long lashes fluttering around her sleepy eyes that gradually find your face to grace you with a drowsy, lovestruck smile, when Thorin comes quietly into the nursery to greet you with a kiss, beaming to find your daughter awake.

“Look, mizimith,” he murmurs in the newly acquired gentle singsong that makes everyone smile, but at which even Fili and Kili don’t dare to poke fun, “Adad has made something for you.”

He reaches into the pocket of his coat to draw out a miniature necklace of delicate gold chain strung with a rainbow of tiny, faceted drops, and the baby’s eyes are wide, mesmerized by the glints of light that dance with the sparkling gems.

“Don’t you think she’s a bit young for jewelry, Thorin?” you tease gently, your eyes misty with the way fierce, tender love for his little girl has softened and warmed and expanded the heart of the warrior King beyond all imagining.

“Nonsense,” he grins, taking the baby carefully from you to settle her into the cradle of his arms, pressing a kiss to her chubby cheek and stroking his nose over her downy head, “our little Princess deserves the best.”

*Mizimith - “young jewel”

ISHTAR GATE, Babylon, Iraq

Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon was a mud-brick city, but dazzling blue-glazed bricks faced the most important monuments, such as the Ishtar Gate, really a pair of gates, one of which has been restored. The gate consists of a large arcuated (arch-shaped) opening flanked by towers, and features glazed bricks with reliefs of animals, real and imaginary. The Babylonian builders molded and glazed each brick separately, then set them in proper sequence on the wall. On the Ishtar Gate, profile figures of Marduk and Nabu’s dragon and Adad’s bull alternate. Lining the processional way leading up to the gate were reliefs of Ishtar’s sacred lion, glazed in yellow, brown, and red against a blue ground.


2 versions of yawning pride dinosaur, Asexual Velociraptor!

one of my fave dinosaurs and my orientation c;


aDaD - Day 5

“Well what you have to understand right off the bat is that I was very bored. Honestly it’s not fair on me, putting me in those conditions. I could feel my brain melting, through my ears Mycroft. My ears! Something had to be done, before the damage was permanent. So I took action. I think that’s how we should look back on this ‘incident’ really, as a taking of action. If anything you should be congratulating me, for stopping a war criminal. Torture is a war crime after all. So yes, I may have set the classroom a little bit on fire, but really it wasn’t a big fire so I don’t know what everybody is carrying on about. I already said that I was sorry. I shouldn’t have to be sorry, that teacher should be, for driving me to these lengths, but the formality of it all has been taken care of. So really, ‘really’, we ought to put this all behind us I think.”

Sherlock’s been up to mischief and Mycroft is none too amused.


I decided to try my hand at “comic-making” after being inspired my friend, @introversialcakes, and the most iconic @imaginecheren post I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. As always, I had to include Darkmistshipping, my dearest OTP!

I’m assuming that, in this piece, Hugh and Cheren are on a date at Unova’s Taco Bell equivalent, even though Cheren isn’t particularly fond of fast food (those calories aren’t going to help keep him in those tight pants, you know).

Because I am still behind on my ADAD (A Drawing A Day) Project, this comic as a whole counts as my 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th contributions. Once again, I used Painting Workshop (3DS) because I am a weak man.

For more details on ADAD, go here:

i RAELLY LOVE drawing dinosaur illustrations for a-dinosaur-a-day i do it a lot because it’s almost addicting and seeing my art going towards something ofc feels great. i love being useful and meaning smth!! if you see this ADAD team thank u

Catch the Kite

Based on this from @imaginethorin: Imagine being Thorin’s child and always clashing with him and doubting his plans. He lets you go on the quest because of your skills, and during the war you take on Azog, pushing your father out of the way. With your dying breath, you tell him that you had faith in him to win back the mountain all along. + these from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine the Company’s faces when you die because you pushed Thorin out of the way in the Battle of Five Armies ||  Raklûna = “precious, darling one” from @thedwarrowscholar

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Sansûkh dictionary

So because I’m a huge fan of @determamfidd‘s fic Sansûkh I’ve been trying to keep an accurate record of all the Sindarin, Khuzdul and even Black Speech that has shown up in the fic so far in order to have an easily accessible dictionary on hand at all times. Which is what this is.

Still, do tell me if I’m missing some word and/or phrase because there’s a lot of them and I have no doubt that could happen. Also I am exhausted. This was a lot of work plus emotions from the most recent chapter so I’m just gonna drop dead now, if you don’t mind.

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