The Open


A little back story here. I really loved the voiceovers for the glyph puzzles in ACII and wanted to construct some sort of narrative through experimental typography. They’re meant to be ‘experimental’, so if the text gets a little tricky, that’s ok. I mean for this set to evoke more of an emotional and progressive feel, rather than be straight up quote posters.

You can also interpret the set as my own response to ACIIIs ad campaign. Cam Clarke did such an awesome job with that voice work in ACII and ACB and I reckon it’d be so easy just to play some of that back while each the moderns stare sadly/thoughtfully into the camera or something - just reuse old models I don’t mind - I’d be happy with something like that but whatever. You can’t win 'em all. More room for me to play I guess…

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.