The Force Awakens AU | Avatar: The Last Airbender | Reylo + Stormpilot

Where the TFA characters are potrayed as different elements and take the same course of actions as the Avatar.

Throwback to one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE, getting to meet Hilly and Hannah in the flesh! At Auckland, NZ Armageddon convention - It was so surreal, and I fought back tears getting to meet the brains behind an amazingly talented online web show! Followed these girls since 2010 and getting to actually meet them was an experience I will never forget. I was so nervous and too shy to ask them some questions, really kicking myself about it but got to say hello and bought this photo for them to autograph. I also wish I got to say I did a few online interviews with them over email for The Hillywood Show Fans Facebook page, it was so long ago and they probably won’t recall but regardless - I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! I hope I get the chance to meet you again in person. You are some of the most sweetest, down to earth people I’ve met.  - Koko