Intimate Scenes (BIGBANG Reaction)

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When their girlfriend tells them that she’s going to have intimite scenes with an actor


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Childish jealously would fill his body as a grumpy pout grew on his face. This reaction from him would come no more than a few seconds after your announcement. What would follow that would be an extra clingy Ji Yong - which would mean so many kisses and cuddles that you eventually ended up giggling because of his obvious annoyance over your upcoming scenes. He would be determined to make sure you didn’t forget that you were actually his, no matter who you were about to be, according to him, unnecessarily intimate with. The grumpy pout would stay on his face until you, amused by his childish jealousy, would take it upon yourself to wipe the pout off his face - by acting ridiculously cute, which would result in a barely visible smile growing on his lips.


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With Seung Hyun being an actor himself, he’d be the most understanding out of all of them - since he himself has done intimite scenes before. He knows it’s part of your job and that, no matter how real the chemistry between you and your co-star may end up looking on-screen, you’re still his in real life. That doesn’t mean he will be all that thrilled with the thought of another man laying his hands on you, though, but he’s mature enough to ignore the childish jealousy trying to spread in his body. That’s not to say that he won’t whine to the other members about the temptation to have a talk with your co-star about what will happen if hands or eyes start traveling to inappropriate places.


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He would be mature about it and bluntly tell you that he understood that it was part of your job, but that he didn’t like the thought of you being so intimate with another guy - even if it wasn’t real. Those were things you should only do with him, but he wasn’t about to stop you from doing your job. He’d be a frequent guest on set when filming began, especially when it was time for you to shoot the intimate scenes. He’d tell you he was there to support you, but in reality he was there to keep an eye on your co-star - to make sure things didn’t go too far. He’d entertain himself by casually criticising every little thing your co-star did - his sassy comments effectively getting in your co-stars head enough for the actor to mess up more than once, to Youngbae’s satisfaction. 


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He’d be surprised when you first told him, despite the fact that he’s more than aware of the fact that you’re an actress and that scenes like that aren’t uncommon in movies. Even though he knows that and understand that it’s part of your job, it doesn’t mean that he’d like it at all. He wouldn’t tell you, but the mere thought of you begin intimate with another man would actually made him feel somewhat insecure. What if you ended up losing interest him and left him in search for someone better, all because of those scenes? What if that someone ended up being your co-star? His insecurities wouldn’t be something he could hide in the end and you would have to prove to him that it was him you loved - that no one would ever be able to change that.


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He definitely won’t like it and will make that very clear as soon as you’ve told him. Even though he knows that it’s part of your job as an actress, he won’t really care. You’re his, which in his head directly translates into him being the only guy who can so much as look at you for too long - let alone have his hands and lips all over you. Expect to hear something along the lines of “that’s what you think is happening, babe? Aren’t you cute”. He will be under the impression that he’ll be able to talk you out of doing the scenes. It won’t work and, in the end, he’ll end up sulking like a child. Just like Youngbae, he would be a frequent guest on set when filming began. He’d spend his time loudly announcing how proud he was of his girl while also befriending everyone on set, so that he could start trash talking your co-star if said actor went too far.