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What's your favorite faberry moment? Achele? I'm not sure if you like Brittana, but if you do that moment?

How do you pick just one??? Gosh!!

Faberry i think it’s the whole bathroom scene during Junior Prom. Everything about it is perfect. From Rachel following Quinn instead of Jesse or Finn, to the choice of directional cuts between 3 couples klaine, britanna and faberry, to the whirlwind of Quinn’s emotions in that bathroom aka the girl you never know where you stand with according to her bf because she never shows emotion, to Quinn’s blow up and the slap and then the immediate regret, to Rachel’s understanding and forgiving and trying to make Quinn feel better, to Quinn just dropping all her walls and opening up to the tiny Jewish girl, to Rachel not even blinking because she sees the real Quinn behind the Prom Queen facade, and again to Rachel for supporting her and saying things to Quinn no ever told or thought about her before. 

As for Achele it’s the we don’t know we are being filmed and we have a break and i missed you so i’m just gonna hug you and gimme that hand i need to hold it..


Rachel Maddow Interviewed by Playboy Magazine:  “Im a music fan. I’m kind of obsessed with Frank Morgan and jazz guys like that. I’ve got a Thelonious Monk problem. I also love all country music. I want to be an evangelist for this guy from Oklahoma named John Moreland, who is literally the Bruce Springsteen of our era, though nobody knows who he is. There’s a band called Lucero that turned me into a major fangirl recently. So music, a little fly-fishing, and I’m a good drinker. I like my beer, and I can mix a pretty impressive cocktail.”