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I'm thinking of having sex with my bf of 3ish weeks. But I've never had sex before and I'm a lil nervous and I'm slef conscious of my thighs and tummy

Its okay lovely. Sex isn’t/shouldn’t something to fear. Sex is supposed to be fun and a comfortable experience. Sex for me, really is about embracing each others bodies and being accepting of one another. If your boyfriend is worth shit then he will love you and make you feel comfortable and loved and beautiful (which u are). He should take things slow. If you are scared perhaps you are not ready, please don’t worry about anything. Sex is not what people make it out to be. It can be funny, gentle, slow, stop & starting. It should be pleasurable!!!!!!!! Thats what it is about!!!! It should be about wanting to give pleasure to each other. Its not just penetration. Stay safe, use lube, condoms etc etc. And COMMUNICATE !!!!! Make sure your boyfriend communicates with u too!!!! (The best sexual experiences i had were because i had communication with the other person and we could also laugh together). Not only will this mean you have better sex but also it will mean you feel more in control and comfortable. You can stop at anytime you feel uncomfortable. Remember that. You don’t have to impress your boyfriend. You are human and deserve to have good,comfortable and positive sexual experiences. Sending love x