Warm Bodies Appreciation Post

Can we take a moment to appreciate how great of a movie Warm Bodies is?

I mean they didn’t just make the stereotypical zombie movie where everyone dies and stuff 

but they actually made a zombie movie where the story ends well - the zombies turn back to being human again 

like holy shit that’s fucking cool.

and not only that but the perspective of R was fucking brilliant.

I mean look at this

and can we just appreciate the relationship he had with Julie? I mean she was scared at first but then she started to gain his trust when she realized he wasn’t going to eat her. And the fact that he didn’t want to hurt people gave an entirely different perspective on zombies.

and in the end the message that love is what makes us human literally makes me want to cry

Overall, this movie is perfect and I love it.

And one last thing, they gave a whole other perspective on what happens when zombies eat brains. R describes it as the closest thing zombies can do to dreaming because they’re eating their memories and watching them play their life.

like holy shit this movie is awesome.

Assassin's Creed: Abstergo Handbook- Connor's Story

Hello fellow AC and Connor Fans! I’m pretty sure most of you by now has heard of this ****SPOILER ALERT**** infamous note of Connor’s further life: 

That was a mess that got people on Tumblr here rolling, what is next got my jaw dropping to the floor…..

So I was surfin within my group at the Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Forums, and one of the members reveled a portion of the Abstergo Handbook that is on sale now…and….well….look at your OWN RISK::

:So this is the whole “mess” that they were talking about huh? Now do keep in mind that Abstergo has been known to twist memories and trash our beloved Assassins, so at this point this whole thing is still unknown. 

Although at least now we know that Connor married a blonde lady, so that’s cool! I see no reason why Abstergo would twist this little fact, so I think its canon….as for everything else though……its up for debate.