*absconds into the shadows*


Vaati: “NOT AGAIN!”

So… Vio, Shadow, and Zelda get absconded the heck away by V-chan…
…And are deposited in the same void that she left Green, Blue, and Red in.

Vaati, is stripped of what little powers he had in his Minish form and is forced to rely on science. Moemura tries her best to help.
K-chan and E-chan arrive to help save the fairies… (or, technically, wouldn’t they be Minish? I want the fairies to be Minish…)
Cure Twinkle helps out to rescue one of the Fairy Trio, and Cure Mermaid takes Twinkle’s place once F-chan never shows up since we still have to rescue Cure Flora.
For now.

Hopefully, F-chan arrives in the near future…