I know fan snobbery is awful and catty and should be avoided....

But I keep coming across reviews for Tomorrowland that keep saying things like “And how amazing was Hugh Laurie’s British accent! A treat for all former House fans! Who could he guessed he sounded like that!?”

Well… British people, for a start. Even if you didn’t watch ABOFAL, or Jeeves and Wooster, Mr Laurie did the voice over for a number of adverts and even acted in some during the 80s/90s/00s. Him and Stephen Fry even had a funny rivalry going one where one voiced pampers’ nappies adverts and the other’s voiced Huggies. And then when they both stopped doing that, they both voiced rival travel agents (or a travel agent and a staycation resort in 2006ish, I can’t remember what Stephen Fry voiced exactly but it amused me at the time).

Not to mention his appearance in 101 Dalmatians.

And now his advert for washing face stuff for Men.

And he’s presented things, shows and awards, and for the House fans, behind the scenes interviews, full scale interviews, And! And! Inside The Actor’s Studio.

Like, it’s really no mystery or surprise that he not only has a British accent, but also acts in it? His career didn’t begin or end with House!

(Let’s all ignore Stuart Little was a series of films)