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what are your fic recs for all ur thg stuff? it all sounds good and i agree w you that some of my favorite prose ever belongs in fanfic!!!

ok so i got carried away and essentially made a list of some of my favorite fanfics?? anyway. a blanket trigger warning over legitimately everything linked (incl. graphic violence & some pretty graphic sex). these are generally Sad stories but a few end happily, or at least, peacefully. asteriks for the cream of the crop. 

District Four (The Girl in the Water)* // the hunger games // V. Arrow /// Up rose the tide and washed the starfish out; out came the sun and out ran the tide, and the itsy-bitsy starfish was happy when he died. // this is part of a series by v arrow called “the five places cinna is from” and it is one of my favorite pieces of writing. all of v. arrows stuff has immeasurably influenced my own writing but this piece in particular, i mean, it is just one of the most cohesive, well-structured, gorgeously lyrical pieces of writing i’ve ever read. the narrative, the characters, the language. everything about this haunts me.

District Seven (The Moral of the Story)* // the hunger games // V. Arrow // “This is how faerytales end, isn’t it.” It wasn’t a question. “When brothers and sisters step off the path.” // i have no words for this. another from “the five places cinna is from”. they’re all so fantastic but district 4 and 7 are easily the best. i mean. this piece is just so utterly fucking fantastic. one of my favorite things i’ve ever read in my life. the retelling of myth and fairytale in this is so interesting and well-done. 

Younger Revolutions* // the hunger games // falseeyelashes // 
Children of Panem, there are too few justices in this world. The hardest ones to stomach are the ones we have no say in righting. // finnick & johanna in their ugliest & most brutal & most heart-shattering. it fits their relationship perfectly within the canon, flits between time periods, & the narrators are woefully unreliable. the writing and structure of this piece is so unique & i’m inspired by it constantly. you need to read this.

Valor, Valeria // the hunger games // V. Arrow // Gale sells and Finnick is sold, and there is no honor in Panem. // really killer exploration of finnick & gale. the characterization of gale pre-hunger games is really interesting to me bcus i don’t see it too much. 

and we are shining // the hunger games // electrumqueen // Fuck you, Johanna Mason. You killed children. Okay is not something that you get to be. // really beautiful piece imagining gale & johanna after the war. it’s a little dramatic at points but i think it’s a necessary kind of drama, one that feels honest & heavy. 

Boy on Fire Series // the hunger games // electrumqueen // He thinks: this is the way the world ends. “You’re fourteen,” he says, thinking: all we do is leave each other. // gorgeous series that imagines a world where gale & madge are reaped, where katniss is just as brave, where prim & rory grow and bleed. lots of focus on character & dialogue, not as much on imagery or world-building. a fairly quick read. i especially love prim and rory in this one.

The Sparrowkeet Series // avatar the last airbender // audreyii_fic // She is a Waterbender, and when she spits at his cheek, she doesn’t miss. // ok here is the only avatar the last airbender fanfic i’ve ever read and enjoyed. i’ve read this series like 30 times. it is literally canon to me. zutara for life!!! a lot of focus on dialogue & characterization rather than imagery or language which is totally fine tbh bcus it reads really smoothly. there’s like 18-odd chapters but i first read this in two hours sitting on the floor in my bedroom at 2am.

in your bedroom, during the war // harry potter // There’s the bed, there’s the room, and there’s Remus. This, at least, Sirius knows for sure. // whAT THE FUCK. i justskdfnsdjkbfsd. it’s so horrible and wonderful to read sirius in love w/ remus bcus most of the time, fics focus on remus fallin for sirius bcus sirius is the Special Gorgeous Interesting Genius One and remus is the Plain One. but!! here we see sirius fall and fall hard and never really get back up. the set up of this makes those last few lines cut so so deep. it’s not a super long read but it’s one that genuinely grieves you. 

that the science of cartography is limited* // harry potter // He can almost hear the sound of Sirius’s fingers closing on the doorknob and turning it. The door creaking open, the city flooding in, Remus, breathless, breathing in. // i hate this piece. i hate it i hat eit itHATE it. if you want to be Emotionally Rekked read this. if you want your entire soul handed to you on a silver plate, read this. if u want to stay up all night & just think about remus lupin & how horrifyingly sad his life was, read this. it flips through time in a way that RUINS ME every time i read it. i just read it and i am ruined. (everyone remus has ever truly loved is dead WHAT THE FUCK I HATE THIS)