I made my husband watch all the Fast and Furious movies worth watching a while back. And he was like, “These aren’t movies about cars or heists or awesomely dumb action sequences. They’re about how friendship is magic.”

eponymous_rose talked about how she thought last night’s ritual would have failed if anybody had tried to do a skill challenge re: his guns or his tinkering. I think she’s absolutely right. 

Vex, offering her love, and her vulnerability that she keeps so well hidden. And then that fucking natural 20 oh my god.

Pike, unsure of what she had to offer specifically, but allowing her faith and Sarenrae to carry her through.

But Keyleth. Keyleth, who has never been particularly great with words, speaking from the heart and the soul and the gut as best she knows how. Like, I was crying, but this is when it went into full on ugly sobbing. And I fully believe this is what tipped the scales. 

They brought him back from the dead with the power of friendship, guys. That’s fucking amazing, and I love Dungeons and Dragons.


Go to the city. Find somebody important. Tell them, I’m back. Tell them, I know what they did, and I’m on my way. And if they ask you who I am, tell them, I came THE LONG WAY ROUND.