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a collection of my favorite aaron tveit stories

  • he left next to normal when he got cast in wicked but the producer of wicked encouraged him to go back to next to normal because he thought it was going to be a hit. aaron went back to next to normal and it was a hit, and aaron gave the wicked producer a hand-embroidered pillow that said “you were RIGHT!”
  • he loves baking sweet potato pies and says he usually eats the whole thing himself
  • he is known for always knowing all his lines and everybody elses but one time his parents visited the set of graceland and he couldn’t remember anything and he kept messing up just because he knew his parents were watching
  • a fan sent him a bobblehead of himself with no letter or anything with it, so he didn’t know “who in the heck” gave it to him. later on, that fan met him at the stage door for catch me if you can and asked if he’d gotten the bobblehead and he “attacked” and hugged her and told her how much he loves it and how he always makes its head wobble for his friends
  • at the broadway.com 2013 audience choice awards there was an open bar and aaron had to help present a few awards part of the way through:
  • his first week in wicked on broadway he tripped and fell over on stage and the audience laughed at him and he jumped back up and kept going
  • with his fiyero outfit: “i didn’t like it. it was all up in my neck business.”
  • when asked what his favorite breed of dog is, he went on a big tangent about different breeds, how he just loves all dogs, how you should rescue dogs if you can, and how the most important thing is that you love it and take care of it
  • when asked if he prefers cats or dogs: “dogs all the way. cats and i have an understanding, but we choose not to interact often.”
  • he had a giant head when he was a kid so the other kids called him “aaron airhead” and he went home and told his mom and she said “that’s because you have a lot of brains”
  • his stuntman for graceland is indiana jones in disney world. aaron is very excited about this
  • in high school, aaron was the lead in all the musicals, played three sports, worked construction with his dad in the summers, and was the president of a business club he created. he then was offered a full-ride scholarship to an ivy league school (cornell) but turned it down to study music and acting. also, aaron can’t spell the word “pink”
  • everything about this moment (she’d given them cards for a game):
  • and in that ^^ same interview he bashfully complimented the interviewer for her “nice, yellow dress”
  • he loves to golf and says golf commentary relaxes him
  • he used to make up “five-act plays” for himself when he was on tour with rent, to entertain himself. aaron says: “i thought everyone was like this!”
  • re: people making fun of him for the things he likes: "that wouldn’t be very good :(”
  • he can clap with one hand and says that that’s his special talent. forget that he is a broadway singer, can play several instruments, speaks more than one language, etc etc. he can clap with one hand, and he is very proud
fictional characters who could totally have adhd

i got sad about the seveeeeere lack of adhd headcanons i see, and thus made a list of possibilities. gonna probably think them thru even more later, but for now, here’s a bunch. feel free to add on!

- Tony Stark / Clint Barton from Avengers 

- Amethyst / Steven from Steven Universe

- Bilbo / Pippin from Lord of the Rings

- The Doctor from Doctor Who 

- Jim Kirk from Star Trek TOS 

- Sera from Dragon Age Inquisition

- Ed Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

- Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes 

- Andy from Parks and Rec

- Ricky from Trailer Park Boys 

- Charlie from It’s Always Sunny

- Sherlock from Sherlock Holmes

- Newt Geiszler from Pacific Rim

- Dean from Supernatural

- Parker from Leverage

- Michael Scott from The Office US

Do you ever think about the fact that when her entire life went to heck & she thought she’d lost everything she’d been striving for for so long, Callie was happy & smiling with Brandon & said “I’ve got you, don’t I?” when asked if she was okay? Because I think about it a lot.

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um so... this might sound weird but i really love how all your colors are rlly soft(?) like in ur drawings the colors are really cute and muted and i rlly love that ahahahaah

aw! ;0; thanks so much anon!! im glad u like it <3

suggestion: instead of tagging headcanons in the cs ff tag can we make a “cs headcanon” tag?

seven years ago when i was in middle school i watched avatar for the first time, and i thought to myself, “when i grow up, i want to make cartoons like that, and i wanna be a black belt” well guess what little me!!! you’re eighteen now and you’re in school to learn to make cartoons like that and you’re a black belt!! and it’s the best feeling in the world!! follow your dreams!!!!

i’m going to sleep. if you feel like trying to start a debate with me re:chara then here’s a fun tip: get a pencil and a sticky note, write down everything you want to say, fold it up nice, and eat it. just shove it down your throat. just do it. it will do more good there than in my inbox.

something that gets to me and upsets me so much and i wish i could change is how people seem to think that animal abuse doesn’t apply to reptiles/amphibians. people tend to think that oh well they’re such low maintenance creatures that they can just do their own thing and don’t need to be properly taken care of or cared for like any other pet would, or since they’re not furry and super loving and such that they don’t deserve the same type of care and love and attention as other animals and it makes me so angry so so angry and sad