Things that know one should ever know.

There are things said only behind locked doors, miles away from any church, surrounded by salt and iron and lambs blood.
These things are only said in whispers, sentences trailing off and words cut short by hushing.

These things are only known by the small group of theology majors who managed to piece together the stories scattered about history in dust caverns and dead languages.

These things are only sought out by those few stupid, brave souls who crave the truth.

As you sit surrounded by a ring of hellfire and salt, as you strain to hear the nearly silent words falling from the mouth of the person next to you, you will begin to understand why this secret is buried so deep.

When the person who told you disappears, you understand completely.

You’ll never be able to relax on campus again, once you hear these stories. Somehow the Gentry will know -how could you even begin to think that the would never know? They will avoid you, as long as you never speak to them.

They will only watch, as long as you never speak. There is always price for knowledge, know matter how it is obtained.

What could be this devastatingly powerful? What could drive you away from the major you once loved, the church you once venerated? What is the one thing that will make all Gentry fear and despise you?

A true name.

There is a reason the history of the Nephilim is so vague.


I wanted to fall in love, to have a family, a career, I wanted happiness that came with having all these things, but I was also afraid of the staleness that came after, afraid of figuring out I didn’t want what I had, afraid of achieving things and no longer day dreaming about them. Why is it that our dreams are better than reality? Why do things only intrigue me in distance, and whatever is close, whatever I have, I seem to no longer want it. I have spent my life chasing and not having. And this is who I am now. I don’t know how to love what I have, only what I can chase.
—  Eliot Knight

“I noticed you avoided my question. If you don’t want to answer, fine, but just tell me that.”

“You know, in polite society, it’s considered rude to bring that up.”

“Yes, but Polite Society hides weapons behind toothy smiles. The shine of their pearls is rivaled only by the brightness of their poison; their tongues are as sharp as the dagger they hold behind your back.

“We don’t exist in Polite Society; if we do, we’re only there as examples, or servants, or playthings. You and I, we don’t belong naturally. And we know there’s only so much faking you can do before you implode.

“I suppose there’s a way to become Polite Society, but the cost for joining is almost higher than it is to be born to it. Just, you know, your personality, individuality, soul…”

“I think you’re going a little far with this description. Polite society just means people who are polite.”

“Ah. Sure. If that’s what you think, I suppose it’d be rude or whatever to challenge that view. But don’t blame me when you get into trouble with Polite Society because you misunderstand them.”


Write a story including a set of three things

1) Tulips, rain, matches 

2) A beautiful sunset, a broken down car, a couple trying to save their relationship 

3) A torn and tattered photograph, a balloon, a web of lies 

4) A ring, gun powder, a jacket 

5) A promise to protect someone, peppermint tea, a broken window 

6) Broken glasses, a forest, a grim discovery 

7) A candle, a dog, a mistake 

8) A camera, a letter, the color green 

9) Glitter, a failed dream, a butterfly 

10) A spaceship, a song, a family heirloom 

Tim Drake X Reader “Muffins and Coffee”

Requested by: @soft-jason-todd

Prompt: “plus size reader/reader with an eating disorder”

Dedicated to: @soft-jason-todd Happy Birthday!!

Special thanks to: @wannabetraveler, @tinyfandomblogger, @soft-jason-todd

Authors note: I really enjoyed writing this story. I have a friend who has an eating disorder and she helped me write this by telling me what it is like to live with this struggle. She insisted that I use muffins because that is her trigger food.

Life is hard. Everything is hard. Though the hardest thing of all was stopping the cravings. Food. Food. FOOD. The need to eat was always around.

Today was no exception as you looked in on a coffee shop. The smell of coffee and… MUFFINS. Your mouth starts to water. You are just about to push open the door when a hand grasp your arm and pulls you into a hard chest.

“Y/n, what do you think you’re doing?” Your face heats up as you glance up to see your best friend Tim.

Your face heats up as you say very quietly. “I was going to go and get a muffin.”

Tim sighs and steps back from you. You haven’t realized how nice it had been to be pressed up against his chest. You’re sure that your face has turned a few shades darker.

“Y/n you promised me that you wouldn’t eat anything that was bad for you.”

All thoughts of Tim left your mind replaced by thoughts of eating a muffin.

“I was only going to buy one though.”

“Really? You were only going to buy one?”

Tim is right if you bought one you would just end up buying another one. But they are MUFFINS!

“Y/n, we made a deal you would eat only healthy foods and I would only have one cup of coffee a day.”

Last week your doctor’s appointment had not gone well. Your doctor told you that if you didn’t lose some weight in the next three months you were at risk of getting diabetes. You have always struggled with your weight. You had done some things to bring it down, but you never really worked that hard. This time was different, this time you had someone doing it with you.

“You can do it Y/n,” says Tim putting his hand on your shoulder. “Come on let’s go and get a salad.”

You grimace at the thought of putting leaves in your mouth or what your mother called it rabbit food.

You let Tim drag you away from the coffee shop and towards the healthy rabbit food store. As he pulls you away you realize then that he is holding your hand. A glance in a passing store window confirms your thought that you are blushing. It doesn’t help that your chubby cheeks make it more pronounced.

“Y/n, are you okay?”

“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine just a…” You search your brain for a good excuse. “Little winded.”

“Winded? But we weren’t even going that fast.”

“Well aaaa,” Lying had never been your strong suit, but you would rather pretend that you are tired than admit that you have a crush… Oh my God you have a crush on Tim Drake. You are sure that your face is getting redder at that thought. “I have short legs and you were walking fast.”

Tim gives you a look that says that he doesn’t believe you, but doesn’t question it. Still holding your hand he leads you into the salad place.

You let go of Tim’s hand and stand in line.

Soon you have your salad and Tim has some weird drink. It looks and smells disgusting.

“That smells awful.” You blurt out.

Tim smiles and laughs. “Yeah and it even tastes worse.”

“Then why are you drinking it?”

“Because it is worth it.” He says.

As you sit at home eating your healthy soup you remember what Tim said. He said that it was worth it. Was it though?


Crouched on top of a roof on an apartment building Tim watches Y/n eat her soup.

  • Γνωρίστε τον Όσβαλντ

Ένα αγόρι χωρίς μόνιμη κατοικία, που δεν μπορεί να κρατήσει το στόμα του κλειστό και δεν σταματάει ποτέ να δημιουργεί μπελάδες. Ο Όσβαλντ, είναι το είδος του παιδιού που αντιμιλάει ειρωνικά στους καθηγητές λέγοντας κάτι έξυπνο, αλλά τελικά καταλήγει να φάει αποβολή.

Τα βιβλία, να τα διαβάζει αλλά και να τα γράφει, είναι η αγαπημένη του ασχολία, μαζί με τον ύπνο, την παρακολούθηση ντοκιμαντέρ για αρκούδες πάντα, κατανάλωση ανθυγιεινών τροφών και οι βραδινές βόλτες.

Όλα τα υπόλοιπα: κορίτσια, αγόρια, σχέσεις, έρωτες, συνεργασία, ομαδική δουλειά και διάλογος με τους ανθρώπους, του φαίνονται απίστευτα βαρετά και τα αποφεύγει όσο μπορεί. 

Έτσι οι γονείς του για να περάσουν ένα ήρεμο καλοκαίρι χωρίς τον αλλόκοτο και κυκλοθυμικό γιο τους, τον στέλνουν στην Κατασκήνωση των Καλλών Τεχνών, ένα μέρος που για τον Όσβαλντ θα είναι κόλαση ή παράδεισος.

Παράδεισος γιατί θα μπορεί να γράφει και να διαβάζει ανενόχλητος σε ένα τμήμα λογοτεχνίας για έξι ολόκληρες ώρες ημερησίως, αλλά και κόλαση γιατί στο πρόγραμμα της κατασκήνωσης συμπεριλαμάνεται ο αθλητισμός, η υγιεινή διατροφή, ομαδική δουλειά με δύο εκκεντρικά κορίτσια και η συμβίωση με ένα αγόρι που δεν τον αφήνει σε ησυχία. 

Θα είναι παράδεισος ή κόλαση για τον Όσβαλντ η κατασκήνωση;

Dialogue Prompts

1) “Please, just come home.” 

2) “Did you set that fire?” “It was an accident.” 

3) “Just give me a second, this is a lot to process.” 

4) “I love you.” “You have an interesting way of showing it.” 

5) “But … you promised.” 

6) “Believe me, it was never supposed to end like this.” 

7) “Oh god. Oh my god, what did you do, what were you thinking?” 

8) “I came back for you.” “What an extraordinary waste of your time.” 

9) “This is why you never press big red buttons!” 

10) “It’s up to fate now.” “Screw fate, I’m not patient enough for that.” 

11) “Just take a deep breath. It’s okay, you’re safe now.” 

12) “You can’t fix everything, that’s just something you’re going to have to accept.” 

13) “Listen, I know it isn’t what you want to hear but have you considered apologizing? “I didn’t do anything wrong! Why won’t you believe me?” 

14) “Listen, just … call me back really soon, please. I have some bad news about mom.” 

15) “Go out there and distract them!” “How?” “I don’t know! But they can’t come in here and see a dead body, they’d be pissed!” “Gee, I can’t imagine why?” 

16) “Calm down.” “You know what, I was getting calmer but now I’m just even more pissed off, don’t tell me to calm down!” 

17) “Please don’t be angry but I sort of, accidentally, burnt down the house.” 

18) “I’m going to fix this.” 

19) “Not everything is that clear cut, consider the grey area here.” “There is no grey area, you just ran over a stranger with your car!” 

20) “I can’t go home.” 

anonymous asked:

So a few weeks ago, I found out that I'm aro and I told my family that I may be aro and these are the responses I got "How can you say that when you've never kissed someone before" "You've never been in a real relationship before because you have to kiss before it's an actual relationship" and that made me discourage (?) to tell my best friend, who's also my ex-boyfriend, and he deserves to know

invalidation sucks, i’m sorry your family reacted that way. if you believe your best friend should know, then try not to let your family’s reaction discourage you. you know your friend best, but in my experience, peers tend to react better to this stuff than family. something about a generational/age difference, and how invested your family is in you having a family.

you can know you’re aro without ever being in a relationship. maybe it could help to be like “how did you know you weren’t attracted to [x gender] if you didn’t date one?”

And please understand
that I will never
get tired of listening
to the songs
of your lonely heart—
even if I failed
to understand it
—  ma.c.a // I’m sorry if my silence hurts you so bad

Do you know why the Fair Folk take us? Why they are so intrigued by us?

Because we can die.

Our lives are defined by death. From our first breath, we rail against it, refusing to lay down and die. Our lives are a constant dance with it - some take up weapons and go forth to bring it, others tap-dance at its thresholds in the sky and deep waters, and still others strive against death itself. But in the end, we all go to death, whether it be calmly or in anger, and we weigh our life in tribute to ourselves. Death is our motive - we tell ourselves, when I am dead, what will be left of me? and craft wonders to answer that question. The wonders are left, even after we fade.

The Fair Folk cannot die. They do not feel the impetus to survive, to leave a legacy. They take us to taste our constant, exhilarating fear of death and joy of life, to sample our drives without meeting our ends. 

And this, too, is why iron burns them. When a star dies, the last atoms produced before the nova are iron. Iron is the death of a star, and its kiss shows them the truth - that one day, even that which does not live or die will go out…

…but the starstuff will continue into the skies forever.