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in your information box it says OB GA PLL FI OITNB i watch all of them except grey's anatomy i get who you ship in orphan black obvs. everybody ships cophine they are amazeballs but who do you ship in these shows? i myself ship karmy emison and vauseman of course. and what are your ships in other shows? and your otp? i also ship spashley and hollstein and my otp is shannon and cammie from nowthisisliving youtube channel sorry it's kinda long and i love your blog thanks

Well, yeah, cophine obviously and Hollstein. I still ship calzona on GA, even though their relationship is pretty much non-existent.

I don’t really ship anyone on pll, I like emily with almost everyone, but i’m not really invested in any of the relationships.

I actually really like Amy and Reagan together, but I know Karmy is endgame. Both Reamy and Karmy have great chemistry, so i’m fine with either one of them!

I used to ship Vauseman, but I don’t really care about them anymore.

I shipped Spashley before i even knew what shipping meant and Brittana of course. I think that’s about it!

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Top Five: stories and why. (that could be anything from a book/short story/fable, to an element of a show/movie. . .I guess whatever you want it to mean!)

Great question, thanks :)

I decided to go with my top 5 fan fics. I can (and have) read these stories over and over again

Here they are in no particular order:

If It Takes Forever by Dev (Spashley)

This story has a lot of angst – it hurts so good. The burn is slow with this one, but so worth the wait.

Precious Things by Clomle44 (Spashley)

Spencer lives a sheltered life because of her Grandfather and has a hopeless crush on Ashley who doesn’t even know she exists. A school project throws them together. Dark read at times but really well written

Gallows Humor by XenaLives (Paily)

This fic is a really fun read. Love the drama in it, especially as it doesn’t really include relationship drama. Also, I love Hanna in this fic (as I do in most things)

Resting on Your Laurels by scriptmanip (Naomily)

I know a lot of people don’t like to read stories written from the second person POV, but if you can get past that, this is a fantastic Namoily fic.

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by Chrmdpoet (Clexa)

This fic is in progress but the author updates weekly (thankfully!). I want this story to be the way s3 plays out for Clexa so badly. The progress is slow, the writing is phenomenal and the payoff is incredible. She knows the voice of all the characters very well. I cannot recommend this fic enough

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Hi hi! Your blog is really cool. Who are your ships and otp?

Hi there :D Thank you I’m glad you like it. Now the important question… it is such a dangerous one haha I have sooo many. I also have OTP moods which is weird I know. Currently it is Bechloe (Pitch Perfect). SOme of my main ships are:

-Hollistein (Carmilla)

-Honestly anyone with Amy (Faking it)

-Shay & Cosima (Orphan Black) I actually don’t know their ship name…

-Noamily (Skins Gen 2)

-Hinny and Ronmione (Harry Potter THE BOOKS)

-Nikki & Nora (webseries)

-Spashley (South of Nowhere)

-Stef and Lena also Jonnor (The Fosters)

-Nomi and Amanita (Sense8)

-Rizzoli and Isles (Tv Show)

-Olicity (Arrow)

-Calizona (Grey’s anatomy)

Just to list a few…. I’m sorry for such a long reply but…you did ask……

South of Nowhere Pilot 1.01/1.02 Retro Recap

I thought this would be a short and sweet comment about the pilot episode, but upon my rewatch I took so many notes that it turned into a not-quite-full recap.  Like basically it’s just my notes with some screencaps.  I’m not sure how future recaps will look.  I put it under the cut for your convenience.  This episode aired November 4, 2005 and I’m recapping July 16, 2015.

“So let’s hit the madness!” (ugh that line was so cringe-worthy)

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South of Nowhere 1.03 Retro Recap

In this episode, Ashley’s famous rockstar dad is coming to hear her sing at the club where it’s normal for 16 year olds to hang out.  This episode has alcohol, homophobia, and relationship DRAMAAAAA!  All the relationships have drama!

 You’ll find me in da club… drinking my non-alcoholic beverage because I am 16

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Everytime i hear this i get upset sorta and happy because some people made videos on YouTube of spashley to this song. Now ive falled off the spashley wagon and im gonna be really obsessed again