sometimes i think about harry’s first year at hogwarts and how hagrid sat down and wrote a ltter to remus lupin and told him that harry was at school now and he looks just like james, remus but he has his mum’s eyes, but he doesn’t tell him how harry’s on the skinnier side, bit worn down looking in a way no eleven year old should look, he talks about harry making the team ‘–a century, remus! they’da been proud’ and he finishes the letter by asking for pictures, the last remnants remus has of his best friends, the last piece proof that they were alive and here and they were his friends but harry. harry needs the pictures more. remus has his time with them, harry deserves the pictures more and he wasn’t going to send that picture of james and sirius and lily honestly he wasn’t but his heart hurts to look at it every time and he wants harry to know the family he could have had even if…even if sirius did what he did he was his god father and harry won’t know, he never has to know sirius would just be some guy with his parents thats it, so he packs all twenty odd pictures he has and places about thirty protection spells on the package and sends them off to hagrid and doesn’t look at the owl as it flies away. 

Late Confession

Summary: You really like Jungkook but then you heard him talking his ideal type and you are really heartbroken because you’re not even close to his description. You choose to avoid him, but when he finally managed to get alone time, he confesses that he loves you 
Member: Jungkook X Reader
Type: Slight Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1940 words

/stabs self because i did another lengthy one. Hope you guys enjoy regardless!

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There were a lot of things Jungkook liked. He liked to play video games until his stomach would send out cramp signals just because he hasn’t eaten for the entire day. He loved to watch anime instead of doing the homework that piled at the corner of his table. He’d rather coop in his dance studio rather than staying in the classroom, staring at equations that ultimately did not make sense to him.

There were a lot of things that you knew about him. Jungkook was your childhood friend that was coincidentally your neighbour for the past 17 years of you living. You spent your younger days with him in the swings, whining when he wouldn’t be able to push you high enough to the point that he would walk away with a huge frown on his face. You spent your childhood days where you would bully him into giving you a piggyback ride, but all in good nature because you’d encourage your mother to give one of your favourite ice cream cones to him as a thank you.

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