Tips for Overcoming Shyness

1. Notice your triggers – the people and situations that make you want to hide.
2. Identify the different thoughts that you are thinking at these times, and the negative things you are saying to yourself.
3. Identify your special and your unique qualities – all your good points and your strengths, the different things that make you you.
4. Try to grasp that other people aren’t thinking about you (as they are thinking of themselves, and how they come across, instead.)
5. Realise that you are usually so much harder on yourself – whereas others like and love you as you are – for being you.
6. Try to see that just conforming is a boring way to live. It’s so much better to be natural, and to be your real, true self.
7. Resist the urge to escape quickly when you feel uncomfortable. Just hang in there and you’ll find that things will slowly start to change.
8. Notice all the times you’re brave and move outside your comfort zone … and find that things don’t fall apart - but go much better than you’d thought.

This list is a work in progress! I’ll be updating it as more videos go live. The videos vary in video/sound quality. You can view pictures from the Vancouver show here and video lists from other shows here.

  1. End Up Here - x / x
  2. Out of My Limit - x / x
  3. Voodoo Doll - x / x / x
  4. Permanent Vacation - x / x / x
  5. Don’t Stop - x / x / x
  6. Disconnected - x x / x / x
  7. Long Way Home - x / x / x
  8. Rejects - x / x / x / x
  9. Heartache on the Big Screen - x / x / x
  10. Wrapped Around Your Finger - x / x
  11. Amnesia - x x / x / x
  12. Beside You - x / x
  13. Everything I Didn’t Say - x / x
  14. American Idiot - x / x / x
  15. Kiss Me Kiss Me - x
  16. She’s Kinda Hot - x / x / x
  17. SLSP - x
  18. Good Girls - x
  19. What I Like About You - x
  20. Other - xx / x

Have YOU ever wanted to voice a STUNNING musical celebrity in a point and click game extravaganza? Well, luckily, you’ve found this post! Ask yourself the question: Am I Randy Rosebud?

and then ask yourself the question: Yes.

We are currently looking for male vocalists to perform around 7 songs for a game currently in development. Over 1500 frames have already been animated, colored, and edited, with hundreds of lines of dialogue already recorded for other characters, you would be voicing for a game that has already gotten it’s feet out the door.

If you sing and can take inspiration from the soothing love songs from the late 50s to early 70s and have high quality sound recording equipment please contact us! (If you can play guitar that’s a plus! but if you can’t, that’s okay!) Eventually when the game is sold, there will be compensation for your time, but this is another story.

To contact us, please hit me (Anatola) up on skype on the user maroonracoon. and you will get more information. Remember to misspell raccoon with only ONE C. We will accept up to 20 applicants so please be confident and go for it!

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Yep, there’s only one day left to go! The week will be from August 2nd to August 8th (11:59PM PST).

As a reminder, the prompts are as follows:

day one: optimism or realism (Akane or Kougami’s day)
day two: partners or adversaries
day three: poems or classical lit (inspiration from literature – either featured in the series or otherwise)
day four: virtues or vices (fluff or smut)
day five: memories or hopes (moments in the past or future)
day six: wishes or qualities (au or favorite aspect of shinkane)
day seven: anything goes (free day)

Please consult the rules before participating. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anything!

- Your mods :)

Painting in my art studio while drinking a MATE, an Argentinian beverage. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture my mom is a terrible photographer
M Camila Calderon

criedthealien asked:

"I accidentally deleted my entire inbox" *smattering of keyboard keys heard as thousands of men struggle to re-type their hate messages forcefully, crying in desperation when they discover they can't actually make you hate yourself*

Hah! There was some good quality hate in there too! One message said I looked like the ass end of a garden gnome. I liked that one.

game of thrones is going for “at least eight seasons” because we rid ourselves of the sickness that is nbc hannibal but tv’s gotta keep up it’s quota of critically-acclaimed misogynistic, ableist, literal pieces of trash masquerading as Quality Adaptations complete with fandoms who will do anything to excuse the actions of their male showrunners 

     aka I’ve tricked you into thinking I’m quality

My sweet little summer children, it’s been a little under three months and all of you have somehow found your way onto my blog. And I think you’re all very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very lost.I never expected Lyanna to catch on the way she has, but she has! And I couldn’t be happier.

It makes me beyond ecstatic to know that you actually think my character is well developed and interesting and fun and whatever other things you think about my baby. It’s taken me over a year to actually perfect her, but it’s only taken a few months for all of you to love her.

That being said, I have a few people to thank. The following people who have gone above and beyond to make my roleplaying experience the best I could experience. I value all of you, but these people are the blood of my blood.


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