If I do go to Korea in the fall semester, imma have to put on my game face and tough skin. I would be the only person going from my uni so it will be a lonely ride. But I’m good with getting around on my own. I’ll maybe take some self defense classes this summer just in case I need it tho. Hurhahaha. Never know when I’ll have to put a pervert in his place.


Fifth Harmony puts their game faces on during musical chairs truth or dare.

That moment when you’re so ready to give up, but you somehow keep going, miracles happen. This is how I felt when we found the last flowering field in Utah to shoot the spring exercises for Hot Body Year Round. The sun was about to set, all the meadows were barren, literally every ranger had told us we were crazy trying to search for wild flowers in this season. But we kept driving and looking…searching and failing…and right when the sun was about to dive behind the trees into darkness, we found THIS! 🌸🌷🌸 I set my mat down IMMEDIATELY, put my game face on, and I performed hundreds of exercises turbo speed. The shots you’ll see in the book were impossible to take until we proved that it could be done. I really hope you got your copy of #hotbodybook already! This book is the Blogilates Bible written just for you! I know you’ll love it and find it so useful. Remember, free tote bag if you preorder before April 6. 👉 www.hotbodybook.com

SoC: Gen 6- Chapter 4 (P.3)

Finally I had enough. I wasn’t technically grounded anymore but things didn’t change. I was about to fix that. I put on my game face and went to find Dad. I had practiced what I wanted to say probably 100 times in the mirror, but second I saw him, I started to get cold feet. NO! I pushed on.

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I apologize for putting my face on your blog but curiosity got the better of me.


I had a bit of a struggle deciding between older Arya Stark and post-BOFA Tauriel (at which point in my headcanon she chops off her hair you see where I’m going with this) but I think I’m going to go with Arya! <3

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You should make a reaction gif of a post saying "when someone you dont like talks to you" or something to that approach then put a gif of marks face in the second "the game"

Aaaaalright, first thing on my “To Do” list for tomorrow!

"Happy Birthday Garden Warfare!"

Can you all believe it’s been a year already?
wow! Time Just passes so fast! I remember when this game was first announced! It Blew my mind away!

I can gladly Say that this Game without a doubt Has a special place in my heart and I love this game like no other.

The characters are amazing and I love each and every single one of them.

The game itself is so much fun I love the game play and I love how fun this game could be, I don’t think this game can ever become boring at ALL.

Thank you Popcap for such an amazing game!
I have met wonderful people in this game and have made SO many new friends that I play with every night.
All the amount of detail in this game are just a gem. From character customization, to Taunts to even the fun easter eggs in the game! 
Garden Warfare has completely put a Smile on my face, I am in love with this game and it’s characters. Thank you SO much popcap and EA for this wonderful game, Please do not stop all that hard work. We love it and we love you Popcap.

Here is to another great year with Garden Warfare and Hopefully more surprises in the future.

By the way The Sunflower and The Foot Soldier were the first classes I Played when I got Garden Warfare.


I know it’s not even summer in the northern hemisphere yet, but I’m still not over the fact that the cold days are starting down here. To fix that, I decided to make a pretty summer dress and hat combo, in various colours.

I’ll submit it when Krisgoat starts putting together the Summer Token Game.

(I really like the placeholder face I gave it. It’s silly~)

EDIT: Tweaked a bit the lighting and shading.

Working on a thing.

Clarke watched silently as Lexa strapped the vambrace on. She had to think about whether pouting would set Lexa off or earn her some sympathy points. She decided not to chance it.

“You’re in an awful hurry,” she observed instead. “One you didn’t seem to be in last night.”

“That was last night. If I am short with you, it is not because I am angry. It is merely because—“ Lexa looked to be having trouble adjusting her vambrace. She gave up on it for the moment, facing Clarke instead. “The role of the Commander does not come as naturally to me as you might think. I am not without weakness; I simply have to suppress it. I… school myself in the ways of a good leader before I present myself to my troops. I prepare myself so that their eyes do not find weakness when it is mine alone.”

“You put your game face on.”

Lexa nodded and said a phrase in her own language that Clarke didn’t yet know. It actually sounded like ‘game face’ and Clarke guessed it meant the same thing. An actual bit of pidgin English that had survived all the years. Clarke wanted to laugh.

“Well,” she said, “your secret’s safe with me.”

“It’s not,” Lexa insisted. “The way you treat me in the privacy of this tent is not the way you must treat me outside it.”

“No kissing for the boss, huh?”

“Not quite. I am the Commander. I am subordinate to no one. If you were known as my mate, you would be expected to be… submissive to me. In all things.”

Clarke blinked. “That’s not what I seem to recall making you come this morning…”

Lexa closed her eyes slowly, opened them slowly. Grounders didn’t blush, but if they did, that would be it. “And that is why I have taken no mate—officially. As a fellow leader, you can be respected. As a lover, you would be my property. That is our way.”

Clarke raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound so bad…”

“I would not make it so. But you could not lead your people and be mine at the same time. A new representative of the Sky People would have to be sent.” Lexa suddenly smiled. “And I just finished training the old one,” she added wryly.