Bug of the Day

Check out the antennae on this Common Bagworm Moth (Psyche casta) I found on the side of my house last June. The name “bagworm” comes from the fact that the caterpillars of this species creates a larval case made up of blades of grass. I often see these “bags” attached to fences, the side of my house, the undersides of leaves, and other flat surfaces in my yard.

  • Sirius: I just bruised my coccyx.
  • James: Say what?
  • Sirius: You know what I mean.
  • James: I certainly do not.
  • Sirius: When we get back I'm definitely going to have to rub oil on my coccyx.
  • James: Pads, please, that is disgusting.
  • Sirius: What? A deep tissue massage is definitely what my coccyx needs.
  • James: Would you stop saying that word?!
  • Sirius: "Coccyx"? That's what it's called Prongs!

My day has been long and insanely stressful, thanks to my day job, yet it couldn’t get any better now that both Gorillaz and now Arcade Fire have dropped fresh new material for us to lap up in all eagerness and love. “It’s never been more important that we stick together and take care of each other” states Mavis Staples and Arcade Fire as they partner up on an empowering anthem from which all proceeds will go to the American Civil Liberties Union. That’s right, I Give You Power is Arcade Fire’s own foray into the political music pervading the music scene this week. Funky strutting, soulful burning electronica evokes a mixture of Bowie, Soulwax/2manydjs, and, as talented singer songwriter/producer SHEARE himself had put it quite perceptively earlier today, “Yeezus daft punk era production”. I Give You Power feels like the next evolution of Reflektor, though the rumor is that this is a one off and not a taste from a future full length album (that should be arriving later this year, weeee!). 

I’m not 100% sure what happens in ks 15 and 16 since I’m only reading what’s released on English,

But I’m just goin to say no matter what happens sangwoo will be a character I still appreciate and like in a sense.

I really just want to break into his psyche, and it’s hard liking a character that everyone aggressively wants to kill.

Rodes Rollins is back with more of her dusty spellbinding, smoky enchanting music on Wes Come Back. As desolate tumbleweeds roll by, dreamy psychedelic mirages shimmer in the distance. The Boulder, Colorado native, who now resides in both NY and LA, endows her alt rock flavored charmer with a spaghetti western twang, giving us a unique storybook concoction that feels ghostly yet muggy and provocative. I’m transported into a Tarantino film, minus all the violence and with all of their nostalgic beauty. Wes Come Back features drums by Electric Guest’s Matthew Compton, and it tells the story of Wes, Rodes Rollins’ young love who endured a lot of hardship throughout his life. 

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