So I’m watching Psych again after taking a 3 year hiatus from the show and I’m headdesking so hard right now because I can’t believe I never noticed before that Shawn is so very obviously written and played as bi.

I’ve always shipped him with Lassiter (Shassie ❤ ngl this is also because Timothy Omundson is wonderful) but I also really liked his canon romance with Juliet and I guess past me never figured that hey maybe these ships both make sense because he has chemistry with both characters and flirts with both, too (and with many other men and women on the show).

That’s not even mentioning his blatant crush on Cary Elwes’ character Pierre Despereaux

Past me was a dumbass.

the number of people who have reblogged my gules posts with comments in the tags like “I never knew this ship was a thing but I love it!” is a testament to how much psych fucked up by not giving Gus and Juliet more scenes together

Work Smarter, Not Harder: study tips psychology taught me
  • study in shorter intervals and take breaks (ie, 40 minutes studying and 20 minutes break)
  • during your break don’t watch tv or surf the internet. get outside if you can and go for a walk. or at least listen to some instrumental music and walk around your hall. or meditate or do some art. anything that doesn’t require super directed attention. this allows your attention to be replenished. it’s like a muscle and you gotta give it time to rest. tv doesn’t allow for that.
  • relate the information to yourself and your life. creating visual images will improve your memory.
  • when studying, take notes by hand and put them in your own words. generating material yourself will encode the material better in your brain, and you’ll remember it better
  • don’t just reread, rehearse! quiz yourself on the materials. if you use a visual image “memory palace” technique, walk yourself through it. you’re likely to remember information you’ve tested yourself on better.
  • organizing information into groups that make sense create more connections in your brain and allow you to remember things better. the more meaningful connections you make, the better.
  • make sure the last thing you do before bed is study. no phone, no netflix. your brain will process what you’ve just done while you sleep and this improve recall.

(feel free to add any!)