Πέμπτη Φθίνοντος/ Πέμπτη μετ’εἰκάδας, XXVI day
From today’s sunset: twenty-sixth (fifth waning of the third decade) day of Metageitnion.
“Shun the fifth days: i.e. the lunar days. We have heard from the Pythagoreans that the number five is number of Dike, and among them are told the causes of this..as She punishes all those who stray from the divine law, as told by Plato (Laws IV, 716a).”
Scholia to Hesiod, Erga, 802-804
“Artemis betook herself to Nemesis, and found Her on the heights of Tauros in the clouds, where beside neighbouring Kydnos She had ended the proudnecked boasting of Typhon’s threats. A wheel turned itself round before the Queen’s feet, signifying that She rolls all the proud from on high to the ground with the avenging wheel of justice, She the allvanquishing deity who turns the path of life. Round Her throne flew a bird of vengeance, a Griffin flying with wings, or balancing himself on four feet, to go unbidden before the flying Goddess and show that She herself traverses the four separate quarters of the world: highcrested men She bridles with Her bit which none can shake off, such is the meaning of the image, and She rolls a haughty fellow about as it were with the whip of misery, like a self-rolling wheel.” (Nonnus, Dionysiaca 48. 375 ff.)

(Ancient Hellenistic gold ring with banded agate Intaglio - Nemesis at Her spinning wheel attended by Eros and Psyche. Now in a private collection…)