“Uwu it will get better!! You’ll be happy you didn’t kill your self 10 years from now”
“You’ll feel better once you’re on medication”

Are some of the most annoying things I’ve heard

I feel bad RIGHT NOW and I want to jump in front of a truck fuck you

my Fav type of hog character development is like. him learning how to loosen up around rat and have fun again, bc rat is eager and impulsive and has big plans and just wants to fuck off and have fun while doing it and like. hog is old and tired but comes to an ultimatum that his choices are be a sour grump just to try (and probably fail) to keep rat grounded and continue being miserable, or go along with rats schemes and have some fun bc he’s lived in a wasteland for decades stewing in his own trauma and guilt and decides Fuck It I Might As Well Have Fun Before I Die/Get Killed

like treat yo self but with stealing the crown jewels instead. yeah sure kill some bots and blow up a businessman. break into an arcade to steal energy drinks and plushies. Who Cares Have Fun Steal Everything Die Whenever

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Hello naughty children, I am going to talk about “psychotic breakdowns” in the P5 localization, and the fact that it’s a (very big) mistranslation that could mess up your perception of a fair amount of things in the game. (also, the fact that “psychotic breakdowns” and “mental shutdowns” are different things).

As usual, post is pretty long & screenshot heavy.

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Imagine if FAHC Jeremy tried to act as innocent as Jeremy did on Off Topic. 

I’m not rowdy. He says pouring a shot. 

I’m nothing like you guys. He says, after holding up a bank. 

I was a good a kid, didn’t do anything wrong. He says after shooting someone.

I mean, I may be a criminal. But I’m not like the Vagabond. He says after torturing doing an interrogation. 

Michael is always there to give him a look and say Are you fucking kidding me?

Well, I mean. Jeremy tries to defend himself. I only kill someone for self defense. 

You shot someone yesterday because Gavin bet you couldn’t hit a person from across the street with your eyes closed. 

I mean. Yeah. 

13 Reasons Why - People per Episode

In every Episode Hannah talks about one person that one reason why she killed her self here’s who each tape talks about:

Episode 1 - Justin Foley

Episode 2 - Jessica Davis

Episode 3 - Alex Standall  

Episode 4 - Tyler Down

Episode 5 - Courtney Crimson

Episode 6 - Marcus Cooley

Episode 7 - Zach Dempsey

Episode 8 - Ryan Shaver

Episode 9 - Justin Foley

Episode 10 - Sheri

Episode 11 - Clay Jensen

Episode 12 - Bryce Walker

Episode 13 - Mr Porter