Heathers (1988)

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”


67% of respondents to a poll on TMZ.com believe that Amber Heard is lying about her allegations of domestic abuse.

Comments on major news articles are filled with people saying that Amber Heard, a successful actress in her own right, is just a gold-digger looking for a sizable divorce settlement. These allegations have been spouted by Depp’s own attorney.

Big names in the entertainment industry are rushing to Johnny Depp’s defense, certain that since they personally never saw proof of an abusive man, the abuse never happened.

No matter how much evidence you collect, it will never be enough for the people who do not want to believe. Just remember: even if there is no evidence (even though there is in this case), that doesn’t make Amber Heard a liar. 

You can be a fan of Johnny Depp’s acting, but if you choose to support him, you’ve chosen to be a part of a system that perpetuates abuse and victim-blaming.