So you keep getting rude anon messages and you just know they’re from that one person?

Or you got a first-time hater and don’t want to get them again?

I just discovered this!

Step 1: Click on those cute little dots

Step 2: Click you guessed it block

Step 3: Be rid of them!

From way back when I was learning about IP addresses and stuff I do remember the term dynamic IP address. Not sure if those still exist or how common they are but if someone is using those they will probably circumvent this system. Still, I find this worth trying, especially since it’s a regular Tumblr feature and not an extension you’ve to download. 

Black market

>You feel very out of place.

>In a bustling crowd of dark greys and blacks, only a few splashes of blood color here and there. Your bright yellow dress stands out like a sore thumb. Noted, you were not excellent at picking disguises.

>Everywhere around you, small sectioned off stands selling mostly-illegal wares were huddled with trolls. Some older, some close to your age. You think you spy a few ex-fleet. They had a rather distinctive look about them. You sidestep and head down another row.
>The moons were high over-head in the open-air market, only a few stalls had tents or blankets over the top. Mostly for dark or light-sensitive items.

>You’re looking for something in particular. Most of these stands were weapons and tonics, assassin services and antique relics from a time long gone by, and probably illegal to own.
You just wanted to find someone with a stand with plants, darn it.

>As you walk past a group, you hit someone with your horn in the chest. Not an uncommon incident for you, but you apologize none the less. You had smacked them rather hard.

Oh, sorry!”

This “twist” was honestly so lame🙄 it literally lasted like only 2 hours. Wish the person who found it first actually kept it a secret. Now it’s basically a crapshoot to see who is safe. A roll of die. If you want to get back in the house, you should have to fight for it, not simply get lucky. *sigh*