Love All, Trust None: Chapter 5 [Kylo Ren x OC]

I know approximately 8 of you are reading this fic lol but I promised y’all Thursdays and I won’t let the 8 of you down. Here’s chapter five! Also, only one more chapter until we finally get some smut up in this bitch eyyyy

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Kylo woke with a jump from his Force vision. It was the same one he had been having for nearly a month now of killing the king and seeing Marsette covered in his blood, only to be taken away; now, it had the addition of what he pulled from Katarina’s head, too.

As Kylo sat up, allowing himself to collect his breath, he heard the sound of knocking on his door. He glanced over, surprised that anyone would be there, and took his time heading to the door.

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I'm slightly disturbed by the amount of people that think it's ok to end a relationship of almost a decade and go on a date a week later. I'm not saying she has to become a nun but you have to take some time for yourself before you move on to the next guy. Also marriage shouldn't be treated like something you can throw away and keep on going if it's not working, a boyfriend is one thing but a husband is very different. You don't just give up when something better comes along.

Exactly. It’s so weird. People keep saying “relationships are not black and white.” Sure, but cheating…that’s not a grey area. It’s wrong, and you can try to justify it all you want, but the fact of the matter is cheating is a choice. And even if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they waited like the good little 7th graders we know they are…how do you go from being with someone for nearly a decade to just going on a date with someone else a week later? Think about where you are now, and then think about you, ten years ago. What were you doing? What kind of person were you? It probably seems like a lifetime ago when you think about it like that. Now add your partner. Imagine them being with you for that entire “lifetime ago.” How do you just say, “So long, sucker!” and go out with someone else like it’s nothing. You haven’t even had the time to process who you are without that other person. Ten years with someone. They were a family. They took their time before they got married. They were dating for years before they finally decided to get married. They didn’t rush into it, but she certainly was in a hurry to dump him and get with Chris. That just seems crazy to me. And I think that’s also what made that “dream 7th grade boyfriend” comment seem so callous. It was like insult to injury. Already, this new guy is your dream? At least pretend to care, or have some sort of respect for what you had with your husband.

From personal experience, when you’re with someone for so long, there are going to be times when you hit a wall, and there are going to be times when you meet amazing people that you’re attracted to. There’s a lot of people out there. The world’s a big place. But you have a choice. Do you fight for the person who has always been in your corner, or do you give it all up for something you’re not even sure you want or need in your life? New people are exciting, but they’re unfamiliar and unpredictable. And I’m not saying that you should stay with someone just out of comfort, but you also have to not be so quick to throw your marriage away. This isn’t a boyfriend, this is a person you promised to spend the rest of your life with, and if you decide that you’ve made a mistake, and after trying everything you could think of, that this person is not for you, then walk away knowing you did all you could. Take some time for yourself, because divorce is a very traumatic thing. Taking up with someone so soon or leaving someone for a new person is so risky. Because you have to think, “ Am I with them because I really feel that this person is who I need, the person who is absolutely right for me, or are they just a life raft that I’m clinging to in the middle of this storm that has consumed my marriage? I know I’ve rambled on for a long time, but I guess that’s why I find it so strange how cavalier people’s attitudes are about hopping into a relationship and ending a marriage like it’s no big deal. I guess it’s okay until it happens to them.

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– Mrs Potts

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Junsu was working on writing a few notes into the leather bound book he was holding, feeling a pair of hands unhook his cloak, the silk clothe falls to the ground exposing his bare torso; couldn’t blame him for the summer being too hot to handle. His brows furrow and he looks around spotting the male. “What… what are you doing?”

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chris honestly has the worst taste in women. all the girls he dates like the attention they get from him. jenny is the same minus the good looks. she is also a bully and tweets about random people just doing their shit. but because she is labeled as the "funny" "witty"girl she gets away with it. her hipster BS is really annoying. the only girl i liked him with was jessica biel. she really has everything and seems to be a lovely person.

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Oh yeah, she judges people on their appearances, and talks a lot of shit about people, including being rude about what other women wear, and fat shaming. It’s why I roll my eyes when people praise her as their feminist queen and come to her defense like she herself isn’t shit-talking people. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. 

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⭐️58 days till leeteuk returns home⭐️
no matter how far away we are from each other
we are still looking up at the same sky
even in such common ways, all of this becomes our treasure
- super junior
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