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♡ last movie i saw: suicide squad
♡ last song you listened to: famous by charli xcx
♡ last show you watched: sense8
♡ last book you read: daisy miller by henry james
♡ last thing you ate: banana cream pie
♡ if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: iceland
♡ where would you time travel to: 1969 - i love all the social change and concerts 
♡ the first thing you would do with lottery money: pay college tuition + bills
♡ what fictional character would you hang out with: i mean - if i’m going to have the most fun i can the answer is probably ferris bueller
♡ time right now: 5:16

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Embroidered Realistic Pet Portraits By Self Taught Artist

Versatile artist Emillie Ferris designs, illustrates and photographs and she has recently featured a set of time-consuming hand embroidered pet portraits. The 21-year-old artist creates an everlasting memory for pet owners by stitching hyper-realistic embroidered portraits of their cherished animals. She uses a combination of numerous color threads, and fine material to replicate the whisker, fur, texture and expression in perfect accuracy. 

The self-taught young artist has quickly mastered the embroidery art and her thread of choice is the DMC embroidery floss which she carefully weaves (which can take up to 18 hours on each work) on calico material to create the exquisitely detailed portraits. Ferris explains why this unique style of art has attracted her and the challenges she regularly faces make her better because she, “is trying to find the perfect colour for a portrait, as you can’t easily mix colour as you would with paint, thus I have to create the illusion of it!” and also because “it is timeless, unique and requires a lot of patience.” Her work can be viewed and purchased on Etsy.

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