Newspaper article about mass murderer Gian Luigi Ferri, who entered the legal offices of Petti & Martin and started shooting, murdering 8 people, wounding a further six before turning the gun on himself and completing suicide. The entire crime last only four minutes. The mass shooting became known as the 101 California Street Shootings due to the address where the murders took place. These murders lead to a significant amount of legislative action, as it was felt that the gun sold to Ferri was clearly inappropriate for legal use, and would eventually lead to the implementation of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994.


We were together for the first time in a long time. You looked at me no different than when we were together all those months ago, but I was so ashamed. I was so worried about what Noah would tell Mickey… I should have told you what was going on. I told you all about that, that night. About Spencer, and how she lit up my life, and how much I missed you… I hoped that would be enough.