Courier // Kiyomi

Beautiful. Charming. Seductive. Innocent. Amiable. Has a mask for every occasion and thrives in social situations. Always in control of her emotions.

Protective of women in particular but expects them to take care of themselves once the threat is eliminated. Truly loyal only to herself.

Prefers to get what she needs or wants using her words and her body.

If that doesn’t work, she’s deadly with any blade and always carries at least 3 hidden on her. She doesn’t kill without reason, or for pleasure, but feels no remorse if her hand is forced. Moving forward is all that matters.

Love is a fool’s game and sex is just another weapon in her arsenal.

anonymous asked:

Opinion on the Mod that makes F3/FNV like Fallout 1&2? google it.

Well, you sent me two other messages saying that it’s called Wasteland 2. You do know that it’s a game right?


Think you were done with the Mojave, Courier?

Did you really believe you could get on with your life, as if those bullets didn’t scramble your brain?

Think again.

The Library of Hypatia is waiting for you.
Within it rest the answers you seek.