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Use Your Words

A/N - Welp, I needed to write something that wasn’t steeped in plot and thick with angst.  This is very much neither of those things.

Posting today since we’ll be otherwise occupied tomorrow.  To my fellow Captain Swan fans - here, enjoy a little PWP.

Rated M 

He wakes to find her watching him from the middle of the bed, one leg pulled tight to her chest, the other curled under her.  Her hair is tousled over her shoulders, the morning sun making it sparkle like diamonds are weaved into the strands.  She’s wearing one of his shirts, a black one from his pirating days.  It billows around her, the collar laying open nearly to her stomach.

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hello all this is a little pre-story for a smut i’m going to be posting some time tomorrow… i started writing the smut, and got too carried away with the story, so here’s a little extra angsty(?) beginning of a smut thing to keep y’all going ♥♥

Jaehee had never seen Jumin work this fast before in her life - and that was saying something. He was rocketing through the paperwork at a ridiculous speed, and she couldn’t even attempt to keep up with him. Honestly, ever since he had met you, Jaehee had found herself relaxing more and more, during work; Jumin was content to work at a normal pace, and his ridiculous propositions for cat businesses had calmed down quite significantly (although not stopped entirely). Now, it was back to how it was before - minus the whole ‘cat’ thing.

“Assistant Kang.”

“Yes, Mr. Han?”

“Where’s the paperwork I gave you earlier today?”

“… You gave that to me seventeen minutes ago, Sir.”

“… Yes?”

“There are over fifty pages - I’m barely through the first ten.”

Jumin’s eye twitched, and, without another word, he turned his back to her and walked away. Jaehee hadn’t seen him like this in ages. She didn’t know what was going on, but she was sure as hell worried.

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CS headcanon: what if Killian originally wore eyeliner as a form of eye black, protecting him from the glare out on the ocean. He continued to wear it out of habit but one morning he realizes he doesn't have a need for it. So he comes downstairs without eyeliner and Emma...

Killian actually grows a little uncomfortable under Emma’s scrutiny, a thoughtful look on her face as she studies him. He doesn’t realize what she’s on about at first, and when it finally occurs to him he can’t help but grin.

“Do I truly look that bad without it?”

Emma shakes her head from where she stands by the coffee maker, tilting her head and staring some more. “No, no. It’s not bad, just different.” He looks younger, softer somehow without it, but such a small change makes such a difference on his face that she’s having trouble wrapping her head around it.

His eyebrow shoots up. “You like the kohl.”

She huffs and he doesn’t buy her eyeroll, not one bit.

He sidles up to her, brushing his nose against hers as his hand finds the small of her back and hers come to rest on his chest. “Just admit it, Swan.”

She only speaks when she leans in to kiss him and he backs away, his smirk growing at her impatience. “Fine. I like the kohl.”

“I thought so.” He leans in but denies her a kiss once more, his mouth grazing over her jawline and sliding up to just below her ear, his breath warming her skin. “How much do you like it?” he asks in a delicious low rumble that vibrates through her, his hand sliding lower.

She shows him exactly how much when she retrieves her eyeliner pencil and forces him to sit, straddling his lap as she tilts his head up and carefully lines his eyes, their breaths mingling as she leans in close.

(It’s a waste, considering how smudged it gets in the immediate aftermath.)

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The Stars Walk Backwards (2/2)

Summary: It’s only supposed to ever be one night, but before they know it, it’s a doorway in Paris, and an apartment in San Diego, and a blinking low battery light in Maine. Emma knows she needs to let Killian go, but there’s always that one day a year she can’t seem to stay away…

Rating: M

Also on ao3 or ff (where it is broken into 4 parts for those who prefer smaller chunks)

[Part 1]


June 19, 2009

She hopes he’ll forget, that life will sweep him away and her impulsive, guilt-ridden promise will be just another missed moment in this crazy life of theirs.

There’s no reason to cling to this one day, after all. She’s seen the photos of him with the same woman for months, the way that woman looks at him with adoring eyes and a happy, easy smile. They look good together, Killian with his rockstar attitude and the cute actress with the rich chestnut hair and short skirts.

He deserves to be happy, but when he reminds her in January that she promised, and if she needs to request leave, she had better do it now, she puts in the request despite the fresh flood of guilt. She assures herself that come June, it won’t matter, because he’ll be somewhere with the actress, and she’ll take herself to the beach. Or something. She won’t be the woman who helps him throw away what appears to be an actual, healthy relationship for a sandcastle on a fault line.

But two weeks before the nineteenth, she opens an email while killing time waiting in her hotel room in Rio to find a flight reservation in her name. It’s a one way ticket to an island in the West Indies, and the only other thing his email says is I trust your passport is in order.

Emma types ten replies before she gives up and closes her email, cursing to herself as she drops her head into her hands. What the hell is she doing? She can’t go running off to an island with him. She promised one day. What the hell does he think he’s doing with the one way ticket?

And what about the actress?

She can’t go. Then she backpedals, decides she’ll go, but nothing will happen. They’re still friends, after all. Since he showed up drunk on her doorstep, they’ve resumed their usual correspondence, though he’s never mentioned the actress, and she’s never been brave enough to ask.

Still, she isn’t prepared for the sight of him when she steps out of the tiny airport into the oppressive heat, the deep blue of the sky reflected in his eyes. He looks good, relaxed even, in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt that highlights the definition in his biceps. And his smile when he catches sight of her – a pure, radiant smile – weakens her resolve in an instant.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” he admits as he takes her bag, his palm on the small of her back the only thing she can think of as he guides her toward a waiting car.

“I almost didn’t.” She bites her lip, grateful and disappointed all at once when she gets into the passenger seat and his touch drops away. “What’s with the one way plane ticket?” she asks as he settles into the driver’s seat, slipping a pair of dark glasses over his eyes. “It was supposed to be a day, Killian.”

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Summer was reluctant to leave that year, lingering long past the equinox and almost into October. The leaves were hardly changing and the lack of autumn rain meant the grass just dried up and turned greenish-brown a few months early. The heat lingered and made everyone grouchy, but the lack of humidity meant that as warm as it got during the day, the temperatures plummeted once the sun went down.

It was, Emma decided, the worst time of year.

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I felt like writing something; not a request but inspiration hit me hard. -z

You hadn’t been with them long but, but you had truly come to love them. Their smiles and their laughs, their cries and their worries… you had come to learn all of them. In a perfect universe, you would be one big happy family, all together forever, living your days out with joy.

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A morning Race with Gladio

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CS FF: Why Can’t We Wrestle, Too?

Summary: Emma and Killian are caught in a compromising position by their six year old twins, causing Emma to worry that they’ve been scarred for life.

Rating: T

Read all my fics here: Fanfiction.net and AO3

Note: Just a fun fic to read before tomorrow’s season premiere.  Hope you enjoy it! ~Steph

…Why Can’t We Wrestle, Too?: Part 1/1…

“Yes!” Emma screamed, as her husband thrust into her.  

Killian’s lips were fused to her neck, his voice muffled. “I love morning sex.  It’s a brilliant way to start the day.”

Emma squeezed her eyes closed, as her nails scraped down his bare back. “Couldn’t agree more, but we have to be fast.  The boys will be up soon.”

His lips trailed across her chest.  “Love, you know I don’t like to be rushed.”

“Neither do I,” she said, panting, as she threaded her fingers through his hair. “But such is parenthood.  You know the twins have a terrible habit of trying to barge in here in the morning.” She paused and then added, “You locked the door last night, right?”

“Aye,” he mumbled, as his mouth moved to hers.  

She cupped his face and pulled his mouth away from hers so their gazes met. “Are you sure?”

He cocked an eyebrow, his head tilting to the side. “99% certain.”

Emma’s mouth dropped open.  “Killian!  You said-…”

He interrupted her by kissing her again and then distracted her by flipping them over so she was now on top.  Emma giggled into his mouth.

Just then, the door swung open and their six year old twins bounded in, their mouths moving before they’d even crossed the threshold.

“We’re hungry!” Liam announced.

“What’s for breakfast?” Davey asked.

The boys stopped in their tracks at the sight of their parents, the comforter tangled around their bare bodies.

Emma screamed in horror and threw herself down on top of Killian.  She pulled the comforter over her head, as she buried her face in his chest.  Killian chuckled, as he looked at the boys, garnering a swat against his hip from his wife.

“Morning, lads.”

The boys were fraternal twins, each miniature versions of their parents.  Davey had blonde hair like Emma and Liam had dark hair like Killian.  Their faces were all scrunched up as they stared at them.  

“What are you doing?” Liam asked.

“Were you two wrestling?” Davey said.

Emma rested her chin on her husband’s chest as she looked up at him.  Killian had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

He nodded.  “Aye, that’s right.  Your mother and I were wrestling.”

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Your Heart Is Your Own (So Build Me A Home)

He smirks over at her. “Well, you are kind of a slob. And apparently you don’t know how to unpack.”

She scowls back, voice sharp when she tells him, “You have zero regard for hygiene and you need to chill about utilities usage.”

“Touché.” He says, a hint of admiration showing in his tone.

The obvious solution to her childhood home being sold is to move in with the guy who bought it, right? (Or: Bellamy and Clarke as not-so-willing roommates that eventually, inevitably, most definitely become something more.)

Read on AO3.