Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Smut  |  Word Count: 5.6k

Summary: Reader hasn’t gotten any in almost 6 months, and Bucky -her roommate- is making things more difficult for her. (Takes place between CATWS and CACW, before he is found).

Warnings: unprotected sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving).

Author’s Note: This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written. I’m thinking I should’ve divided it in two parts but oh well. Let me know if there’s any typo.

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anonymous asked:

I read your post about andreil with service dogs and it was awesome! Please write a sequel:)

Hahaaa I’ve been waiting for an excuse to beg off work and write a sequel :D

  • Pudding and Licorice really didn’t get along at first.
  • Everytime Neil visited they had to put the dogs in separate rooms and choose between them when they went out in public.
  • Licorice was a sweetheart to strangers unless someone got too close or Neil/Andrew gave him a command to “attack,” whereas Pudding was constantly on alert, never letting anyone get close to Andrew unless Andrew told him to “calm down for god’s sake.”
  • When Andrew and Neil joined the same Exy team and moved in together, the fighting had to stop.
  • They just locked the dogs in the same room together for a week.
    • A+ parenting guys
  • But it worked, Pudding started to tolerate Licorice and they could be taken on runs/outings together.
  • Neither dog favored Neil over Andrew or vice versa, but usually Andrew preferred Pudding because he was bigger than Licorice (scare tactics for strangers, etc…) plus Neil had lived with Licorice longer. But really both dogs loved their humans equally.
  • The dog’s vests were outfitted with a switchblade and an extra cellphone (always charged, Andrew made sure of that.)
  • They set up collapsible cages in their Exy team’s locker room to keep their dogs in while they were practicing/playing a game. If one of the Foxes were there, the dogs would sit with them up in the stands, but otherwise their coach would complain if he had to “dogsit.” 
  • Speaking of the foxes, they LOVED the dogs.

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12 - CS Season 3 AU Canon Divergence


What if Hook was able to go with Emma and Henry when they left to escape Pan’s curse? With no memory of each other or Storybrooke, Emma and Killian meet in New York as complete strangers, both with broken pasts, and both with clean slates for their future.

Can be found on A03

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -Chapter Six -  Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten -Chapter Eleven -

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Well, you guys talked me into it. Here is Chapter 12. ::wiggles finger:: But NO MORE this weekend.:-) Next update will be Friday, with some Sneak Peaks being sent out during the week. Now excuse me, while I go hide from all the yelling.

I can’t explain my love for @letmedieahooker, it’s kind of embarrassing. thanks for helping me with this <3

double line breaks mean change of POV!

Chapter Twelve

Emma’s eyes move over the docks as she sips her coffee. Roger called her first thing in the morning to tell her the perp they had been tailing for a month was hired under the table on a fishing boat. It was the first lead they had and she had to jump on it, so she took Henry to school and headed straight for the docks.

She’s tired, she spent most of the night crying and when she did fall asleep, her dreams were filled with nothing but his face. Her own reflection is something she’s learned to avoid since the break up because the sight of her exhaustion filled face is only a reminder of the pain she’s trying to forget.

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The Difficult Kind - 4/?

Summary: When Killian Jones accidentally stumbles into Emma Swan’s undercover FBI investigation, first impressions are anything but good. Once the smoke clears, they never expect to see each other again. But with a common enemy and the stakes higher than ever, they quickly discover working together is the only choice. That goes rather poorly too – until it doesn’t. CS AU.

Rating: M (for a reason) 

Rambly author’s note on the first chapter if you’d like to start from the beginning on Tumblr. 

Also on ff.net and ao3.

Lovely graphic by @oubliette14 who doubled up on beta duties with @kliomuse - thanks ladies! 


Killian watched her go out of the corner of his eye, forcing himself to take slow, measured sips of the freshly refilled coffee. It was burnt and tasted terrible, but he drank it anyway, focused on the scalding liquid on his tongue, the warmth in his belly. Only when he was certain she was gone did he allow himself to breathe deeply, his shoulders slumping and his palms pressing against his eyes. He had hoped her invitation was a sign she was processing, dealing, whatever the shrinks were calling it these days.

But that wasn’t at all what Emma had had in mind. No, she’d sat across from him, smug as could be, downright bloody pleased with herself that she’d found him out – not only with his service record, but the deepest, darkest hurts he’d so carefully buried.

And then proceeded to pour salt into them.

Yet all the while, no matter how many claws she showed, no matter how high his temper rose, it hadn’t changed that she was breathtakingly beautiful, even when she was storming out in a fit of temper, cursing his name.

It didn’t change that he wanted her – but Killian Jones so rarely got what he wanted.

Bloody stupid git.

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I’ve had this blog for nearly 2 months now (will be on the 29th, which is also my bday lol/ nct’s coca cola release!!) and this blog has reached a point that I never thought it would tbh, so I thought it would be a good time to do my first follow forever ♡ ♡ ♡ ily ♡ ♡ ♡

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Self-Promo Sunday - Distraction

Ah, yes, it’s Sunday once again.  This week, a one-shot that I wrote at the request of @optomisticgirl.  Since it’s part of my one-shot collection on FF.net, Displays of Affection, it doesn’t have a summary, but it’s based around the scene below and what happens immediately before it.  

Remember this hotness and the growl?  God bless Colin O’Donoghue and his acting choices.

So, ever wonder what happened just before this moment and the growl that accompanied it?


Cloudy Gray || Jimin || Pt. 1

Prologue // Pt. 1 //

Word Count: 4059

Genre: romance, fantasy, mild-angst, drama

Summary: Writing was a form of expression, something that was a way to record your dreams. And dreams don’t become a reality, no matter how much of a coincidence it is. Because there is no way that he fell in love with you.

“You really should start thinking about what you want to do with your life.”

The comment was sudden and definitely packed a punch. You looked up at your coworker who was angrily scrubbing at a stain on the white bowl. He frowned at it with furrowed brows and then finally looked over at you with an equally concerned look as if you were the bowl that couldn’t be rid of the stain. But you weren’t. You thought of yourself as the bowls he had already easily washed—simple and clean. But with the way he was looking at you, his soapy hands gripping the edge of the counter, you began to wonder yourself.

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Life Unexpected 18/?

A/N: Sorry about the long wait between chapters. I would make an excuse but I really don’t have one. Thanks for all the asks, likes and reblogs. I read all the tags and they give me life. 

Special thanks per usual to @ravenclawpianist my beta and@the-savior-and-the-pirate for my banner < 333

Summary: After a tragic car accident took the lives of Liam and Elsa Jones, Killian found himself the heir to their family home, their business and their only child. Despite two large holes in his heart, he thinks he finally has things under control after a year of struggle and grief. In walks Emma Swan gradually filling both holes in the most unexpected way.

Read on FF.Net orA03; Or catch up on Tumblr(Chapter 1,Chapter 2,Chapter 3, Chapter 4,Chapter 5, Chapter 6,Chapter 7,Chapter 8,Chapter 9,Chapter10,Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17)

Situation Escalated

Instead of waking up to Ruby, like she has the last few days, there’s a loud, blonde man in her kitchen this morning. He took the earlier flight to get here the day before Thanksgiving. The airport is more than likely an absolute nightmare and she’s thankful Killian and Anna made the drive without her this morning.

She’d be a tad more thankful if she didn’t have to endure an awkward first impression in a bathrobe.

“Sister!” He cheers, rising from the barstool and making his way to her personal space in no time. “It’s good to finally meet you!” and when he hugs her, she fears for her child, because it’s tight and air-constricting. The silver lining should be that he hugged her at first meeting, where Anna just barely acknowledged her existence. It should be that, but instead, the silver lining is Killian shouting for him to unhand her before he ‘bursts the belly.’

Killian shoves Kris playfully to the side before displaying how one should handle such ‘precious cargo’ his arms gently wrapping around her middle as he buries his stubbly chin in the nook between her neck and shoulder.

“On second thought, don’t touch her like this either.” He mumbles against her cheek, laying a quick peck there before disentangling himself from her. “Just leave my lady love alone.”

“Why are you yelling so early?” Ellie and Jake make an appearance only a second later, her voice scratchy and sleepy. Kris immediately approaches Ellie and Jake shuffles between them, giving off a warning howl.

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