beautiful clown +*
I’ve always wanted to draw Allen with his hair slicked back ever since I saw it ^q^..
It is really. really. really. handsome. (I have a thing for characters who occasionally slick their hair back just like Joker Trap! Tokiya … )
Even in his clown makeup it was still very … ///

Anyways… yes.

anonymous asked:

Hello! So there is a thing called frisk resort now. Will UF frisk be attending? @frisk-resort

I’d love to make my baby attend that Frisk Resort thing! Also, I wanted my Chara to go to the Chara Haven thingy too, but… I soon realized I would not know what to do once they’re there, and anyway I am too lazy to actually go and meet online people?

So yeah, it would be nice, but I just dunno…


Swole Cait requested by @melonkollie and @notactuallyaduck

This is a really cute dream. Real cute. It makes me wonder how “sinister” Big Mom is because, according to this, I can’t take her seriously as a “villian”. I have a feeling that Luffy and her would be great friends (if she didn’t kill her son). They are both dreamers & big eaters. This arc has me confused. BUT FREE MY BOY, SANJI THOUGH!