super quick follow forever!!

i realized i hit 1.3k and i havent done a ff in so long but ive gained tons of mutuals that i love a lot so im making a really quick one on mobile omg

this isnt all my mutuals but these r some of my absolute favorites that i love a lot…. i would bold names to make them more special but im on mobile and id want to bold all of them anyways….

kind of in alphabetical order but not completely

@antihentai@antigore@antidespair@antifree@angel8@albw@aqours @amoktime@cloudcafes@coffeesforclosers@fakeboys@fruis@fightingtype@f4nta@floatserves@fo4dlc




ty all again !!! iluu

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小籔さんとMCをやらせて頂きました!! #女子のみなさん絶対みるべき


Yeah Loki, we are really really lucky to have you. This Academy would be so boring without your antics.