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PFFFT. Sounds legit to me! Also, on the note of having no concept of shame or guilt, this is ENTIRELY a headcanon, but like… all sylvari consider each other ‘siblings’. Regardless of anything else. So like… they wouldn’t understand the stigma that is incest in other species. So imagine one of the first sylvari mistaking a human brother/sister as a couple. “No, gods no, we’re siblings,” they say. “…yes, and?” the sylvari says, causing a diplomatic incident.

OH MY GOD.  Yes! I can definitely see that.  Poor summer tree plant children.

şu dünyadaki en acımasız eylem “özlemek” değil mi ya?

bir şeyi, herhangi bir şeyi.

bir insanı, bir günü, bir şarkıyı, bir kitabı, bir anıyı, bir hayali, bir şehri…

gözüyle kulağıyla eliyle ayağıyla yüreğiyle bir şeyi özlemek, hayret verici bir şekilde zarar veriyor insana.

richie, eddie, ben, and mike comforting stan after he got attacked by hugging him and saying things like “we love you stan” and “we’re here for you” and “we would never let anything happen to you” reblog if you agree