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When it’s a real custody battle… (328 notes)

You know, I’m trying to find appreciation in posts like this for the way it gives insight into Larrie thought processes, and how it shows that there is no hypothetical scenario Larries can come up with in which Louis doesn’t take the dickhead option.

  • If Louis really accidentally got someone pregnant he wasn’t in a relationship with, he would have paid her off, hidden her away, and never mentioned the kid until he was 18, the way people used to in the good old days, when they worked for MGM and studios controlled their lives and pregnant girls went to finishing school to deliver their invisible babies.
  • But ALSO, we know this child isn’t Louis’s because he treats him worse than other children who also aren’t Louis’s: he deliberately glares at this baby and withholds any affection or compassion or even physical contact (since virtually every time he’s been shown interacting with his son in photos it’s been said to be photoshopped).
  • But ALSO, if Louis really loved his child he would use his wealth and power to fight for full custody rather than leave him to his mother, who lives near her parents and grandparents and thus has a full local network of support.
  • But ALSO, if Louis really cared about his child he wouldn’t have his sister take pictures of her holiday visiting him such that you can see the skyline in her picture because obviously that means that he wants everyone to know where he lives just to compromise his fictional privacy.
  • But ALSO, if he really cared about his child’s privacy he would fully control the social media and all major decisions about his child over his child’s MOTHER, who is the child’s primary caregiver.
  • But ALSO, we know that this child isn’t Louis’ because he’s fine with letting someone else’s baby be medically neglected or having a medical condition (real or fictional) be exploited in the media, breaking child labor laws, and compromising this baby's physical safety by inviting the paparazzi to pursue him, deliberately, to further a narrative.
  • Also, real dads, with their real names on real birth certificates, don’t get fake death threats for their kids from fictional hackers just to add veritas to their story, but stand up citizen Louis did, so that’s just another tick in the dickhead column.
  • [And let’s not forget the items unrelated to babygate (sic) such as: abandoning a girlband to their fate to be exploited and abused by Satan Cowell just so that he can wash his hands of the whole thing, blowing off a charity event to jet off to Jamaica (or was it Brazil?) with Harry, the continued involvement of his minor sisters in faking friendship with Danielle and other eternally perpetuated schemes, and so on]

Is there any time within the past year that Larries think Louis has done the morally upright thing, where the morally upright thing wasn’t defined as “something that proved to us that Larry was real”?

I also sincerely wonder what gets them off more, the helpless hostage Louis fantasy, or the dickhead power fantasy.

It’s been a year since Zella Day released her debut album KICKER, and I’ve found myself wondering about her whereabouts quite often in the past weeks. As it turns out, today is her mighty return back into our welcoming ears. The Los Angeles based starlet resurfaces with a lush psychedelic melding of synthy pop and folksy rock on Man On The Moon. This shimmer swirling, lavish whirling beauty is thoroughly captivating yet sweetly lulling. I’ve always loved how Zella Day exudes a very organic, earthy quality during her live sets, and we certainly get a front row seat to that in Man On The Moon. The flowery gem gets a release on November 18th via 7″vinyl. Pre-order, here, from B3SCI. Zella Day is currently in the studio working on her sophomore album, slated for release in 2017.

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Can the minority influence the big group? According to theory, yes but it has to be consistent, flexible and has an identity. It was said that people conform to the group norms but could have privately reject it. Like I mentioned previously, social norm could be a bully.

Ring a bell?