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Not sure if this an infp thing or just a me thing, but I find that I can always see both sides of an argument. Even when I have a definite opinion I can always understand, not necessarily agree or condone with, the other side. I've also noticed that this could explain how when I speak sometimes it doesn't come out coherent at all. I tend to contradict myself a lot. So much so that what I say doesn't make much sense at all! It's like I'm trying to say both sides at once.

Hello Fellow INFP!

Oh MAN do I know this feeling like crazy!! Seeing both sides of the coin and seeing the valid and invalid parts of both sides of the arguments. That is why it is so hard being in the Diplomat group sometimes. We are very just types and we can see two sides to pretty much everything. It is HARD!!
YES and when you said that you don’t necessarily “agree or condone” the other side, it still doesn’t matter because you can still see both sides no matter what. it’s crazy.
And of course there is our magic word “contradict” that is just normal in the INFP dictionary.  At least for this INFP can totally relate, this is so crazy like me.

Can anyone else relate?

Ya know I think Noel puts a lot of himself into his acting cause like little gestures that he does in characters all across the board are so noel like where he rubs his temples? that’s a noel thing. eyebrOWS?!!! 100000000% a Noel thing probably thE most Noel thing
But it just shows how he plays characters naturally like he isn’t meticulously planning out what to do he just… does what comes naturally??? Like he puts himself into that characters body and that’s why he’s such a good actor
I love Noel

my fellow US citizens please please, we’ve got to do something about the gun violence in our country. there’s no reason someone should be able to just go buy an assault rifle or an automatic firearm of any kind. these weapons are designed to kill people, why are they sold in stores as if they have any other purpose? we have big elections coming up in November and we have to put pressure on our politicians to do something about our gun laws, to fight back against the NRA and stand up for the victims of all these senseless killings. we have to stop this happening, way too many innocent people have died because our laws favor big gun manufacturers instead of the safety of our citizens.

Stereotypes and unexpected things about the NFs:

INFJ: sterotype: they will read your mind
unexpected: they can be SO lazy oh my

ENFJ: stereotype: can’t shut the fuck up
unexpected: they can be very stubborn

INFP: stereotype:INSECURE about themself
unexpected: they are very honest and
can hurt you a lot

ENFP: stereotype: laugh a lot, funny af
unexpected: they like to be alone

things they have in common:
Rebellious af.
Literature = life

Lots of other lesbians have already talked about this before, so I won’t get terribly detailed or analytical or anything, but it really is so much harder to say “lesbian” than it is to say “gay.” I hate that. I want to get over that. I think of myself as a lesbian and I say it proudly online, but offline I’ve pretty much only been able to refer to myself as “gay.” I’ve come out to five people so far this month and I’ve only managed to call myself “gay” (and that was hard enough already tbh). That is fine, but I really want to be able to say “lesbian” proudly!