The truth is - I hate airports. I really do. Airports remind me of my passport. Everytime I go to the passport control and I look at my passport. Letters of my birth place carved into the paper. I mentally curse Tito, Yugoslavia and the war for those letters. I wish the letters wrote Bugojno or Travnik so that I could hold on to my roots tighter.

The truth is - I love the smell of my country when I first step outside the plane. It reminds me of my childhood. Running through the streets, yelling and laughing. That was before all my friends grew up, and all my cousins were born. Now there is a small chirp of kids every now and then. My generation has moved from the streets to the clubs. Not that I mind much, but there is just something about that smell that makes me smile.

The truth is - when he said that I was his neighbor instead of some girl from wherever, my heart was as big as a heart can get before it explodes. And even though my aunt is his neighbor, and that I could never be his neighbor or his anything but his friend, I appreciated it. After the constant, “you’re not from here, are you?” and the “your Bosnian is so good for someone who is Swedish!”, you appreciate the little things. The little acceptance in a society where you don’t really belong. Or you do, but there’s a language barrier. They hear the foreigner in my mouth and there is nothing I can do.

The truth is - I am surviving an ethnic cleansing. Everytime I speak my language I am reminding the ones who killed thousands just so that I wouldn’t have a language that they are not going to win. I refuse. Even if I have to sit in an uncomfortable chair every tuesday afternoon learning about my mother tongue and its grammar. Even if I am tired. Even if I struggle. I hate airports. I love my country and I love the treasures I found in it. I love my country. I love my country. I love my count I love my co I love m I lov I l I m I miss I miss my I miss my co I miss my count I miss my country

—  The truth

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Well, “met” is such a strong word. More like mumbled incomprehensibly in his presence. OMG I’m experiencing so many aftershocks of embarrassment today it’s not even funny. I was such a stammering idiot, Anon 😳.  I’m so ashamed of myself. 

I’m actually not really doing that great LOL. My stomach is a mess and I have a huge migraine headache because I couldn’t sleep from the adrenaline rush. 

The things I sacrifice for you guys! 


scenes with no dialogue
“When you are telling the truth like it’s a lie, or when you lay down all 52 Queens, or when you explode the very notion of a lie so that it covers the entire universe, then that’s the world wearing itself as a mask. It’s called “divination” because you are being reminded of the divinity of all things; it’s just opening up the tiniest crack in reality so you can see how wonderful things are behind the scenes and how much sense it makes. God wearing us. That’s what truth nets you: Everything. And all you have to do is be brave enough to admit how small you always were.” –Jacob Clifton

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Why is Quinn so alone. He looks horribly lonely. I feel like he doesn't have any contact with Carrie or Dar. He's just slowly passing his time in the gutters.

I know, poor Quinn! Gansa talked about the familiarity of what happens to US veterans (a previous WTH post on the topic here). I’m predicting that the first one or two episodes will give us some insight on how Quinn has been doing in the last six months. From the look of it, not well. But Gansa also mentioned that he will interact with Carrie daily, so I am certain Quinn’s main S6 will not be his constant suffering but his healing process, and that includes his relationships, especially with Carrie. And then he won’t be lonely anymore.

At least this is what I tell myself!

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Tell us, what about the height difference ? Did you feel the height difference with Quinn yesterday? *swoon*

Well, I’m only 5′2″, Anon… So yes, I felt the height difference LOL. It’s one of the reasons I was so scared to go up to him. He just seemed so gigantic and intimidating! He literally had to bend down when I talked to him. So embarrassing 😳. But he was super sweet and even joked about looking like a homeless person, so I’m glad I mustered up the courage to approach him. I didn’t think I could ever say this, but I love him even more now! 

@the usa listen up

so a few days ago i said i’d try and take a break from tumblr but im here just to say to americans


donald trump tweeted this:


62% of scottish voters voted to remain in the european union and, in fact, this result has begun discussions to hold another referendum on scottish independence

yup, that’s right, scotland wanted to stay in the eu so badly, they’re willing to leave the uk to do so

(which trump will probably use as an example of ‘taking back control’ anyway tbh)

so, to sum up:

  • scotland did not want to leave the eu
  • trump has NOT seen anywhere ‘going wild’ 
  • scotland never has, nor never will, agree with donald trump, and should not be used as a pawn in american political rhetoric

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Not an "Ask", just wanted to thank you for a fun day in my boring life! I LOVED following you guys and your HL adventures on Twitter today! Omg, all those pics! 😍 I seriously think LLG/CD were having fun reading your tweets in that picture! LOL!

You’re welcome, 😘

OMG, you mean this picture??! What a horrible thought 😱 😱 😱. 

God I hope not 😳

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It's going to be very rocky between CQ at first: they have a lot of issues to deal with and so many open wounds that still need to heal - they just can't jump back to being S4 CQ there's going to be a transition period for them. I firmly believe Franny will bridge the gap between the two. Franny's love for Quinn will help lessen the gap between CQ and I can see CQ falling more in love with each other because of her.

I could see Franny helping bring Quinn out of his shell for sure, and I think her role, although maybe not big on screen, will be significant in that regard. Franny will probably help both Carrie and Quinn see a new side of one another and that will bring them closer. But I think Carrie loves Quinn for Quinn, not because her kid likes/eventually loves him.

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You are the best! :-) Thank you for making this so much fun! The new pics, a lot to take in. His arm seems stiff/limp, hanging by his side? Room no 303, its a mystery all this trashy symbolism. Is Max there to find him or help him? Quinn still looks out this world beautiful, bad hair and bad outfit cant ever change that.

Hey! Thanks, Anon! I had a lot of fun, as well!

I didn’t see it, but it makes sense he would have some paralysis on one side of the body given the stroke, right? The 303, well, those were the actual house numbers on the block they were filming on, so let’s just chalk it up to fun coincidence. As to why Max is there, I have no idea, but I am SO CURIOUS!

And, yes, Rupert was glorious even in his scraggly attire. Actually, I was lucky he wasn’t in his badass Quinn garb or I would not have had the nerve to go up to him! 

Not gonna lie, Hobo Quinn is now my favorite Quinn…

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Nothing quasi about it!! You met the guy!! HOLY FUCKBALLS!!! That was very brave of you, I wouldn't have had the balls to do it.

Can you believe Rupert was the first famous person I have ever approached??! This is so unlike me that I can’t even comprehend how it happened. But now I feel totally emboldened. Like, I can’t think of a single person that would be harder to approach than Rupert. I’m actually excited to get back to NYC to track down Claire, I’m totally going to walk right on up to her and be like “Hi, girl! How are you??” Nothing can stop me now!

P.S. HOLY FUCKBALLS is my new favorite expression ;)

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Studied some more Quinn pics now, hm, hes hiding something in that sweatpant, it is something strange about his legs as well, some bumpy areas there that dont look good. Maybe some kind of braces? Yikes. Oh well. Will try not to worry too much, because this is Quinn recovery story and hell get better. If not so, it is BYE HL for me. AND YES, I still hate s5, which was a near break up with HL for this fangirl here.

LOL, Anon, I don’t know. It just looked like he had his cellphone in his pocket to me. But surely you wouldn’t give up on our Trash Prince just because he wore a brace, right?? After all he’s been through? Besides, the images we’ve seen of Quinn are only from episodes 1 & 2, let’s not despair yet! 

But certainly, I’m with you… S5 sucked. They owe us big time!

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