Luo Zhongli (1948- ) - 1990 Homeland - A Path in the Village (Christie’s Hong Kong, 2011) by Milton Sonn

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Oil on canvas;    52 x 71.8 cm. 

Luo Zhongli, born 1948, studied oil-painting at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing from ’78 until ’82. Later on, he continued his studies in Belgium, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, he is the president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and is involved in numerous renowned art associations and societies in China.

Luo’s work named “Father” created in 1980, won the Golden Prize in the Chinese 2nd. National Youth Fine Arts Exhibition. This work was collected permanently by the China National Fine Arts Museum in Beijing, and it became the milestone of the Chinese contemporary fine arts.

For decades, Luo’s works have been exhibited worldwide and he has become one of the most influential artists in China.

As the president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, which is one of the most important fine arts academies in China, Luo devotes his effort to the service function of the school based on the demand of the social community. Under his leadership, Sichuan Fine Arts is entering a new creative era.

Updated Spoiler Page

OK guys, for those of you who are behind, I updated the spoiler page on our website:


The formatting is a little clunky, but it’s the best I can do. I’ll try to keep it updated from now on. 

If you catch anything that didn’t make it on the page, let me know so I can add it. I scrolled through almost 40 pages of our “spoilers” tag - so I may have missed stuff 😰

look ok honestly believe whatever you want about Mandy Patinkin and his sudden disdain for portraying misogyny in media, but do not try to use his opinions on misogyny to devalue mine, a woman, or any other women’s opinions on the matter. 

He’s, at best, an ally, his opinions as one do not trump those of people who actually experience misogyny at it’s nastiness (as in, while misogyny negatively affects everybody, cis dudes still get off lightest by a million times).

Honestly i’m just fed up with the idea that just because Patinkin says this shit he’s the ~authority on fighting misogyny, or talking about it, or that he’s obviously right just because he said it by a camera. Honestly, I think it’s a complicated subject that deserves more discussion and thought than just ‘oh it’s right or wrong no in between’ and I have no significant personal wisdom to offer, but his opinion still pales in comparison to mine or any other woman who wishes to discuss a difficult subject, and don’t devalue any women’s opinion on it just because some dude has an opinion you like better. That’s not fighting misogyny, that’s literally actively shadowing women’s voices b/c a man said something you personally like better. 

Over the past three days a group of five men were on campus and talking with people in various locations including [Aafe], the Dining Hall, the Library, [Academic Bldg] and [Admin Bldg].  These men were undercover police officers working directly with the Department of Homeland Security and the See Something, Say Something campaign.  This was an unannounced assessment of our ability to respond.  Today, many calls came in to campus safety about these men and we were able to apprehend them in front of [Admin Bldg], where we learned their true identity.  If you were one of the folks that called campus safety, thank you – you did a good job!
—  Partial text of an email I got from Small College. Because this too Big Brother or anything…
I just realized....

My husband and I are moving back in with my parents for a few months between selling our house and buying/moving into a new one….which means I probably will have to watch Homeland with my PARENTS! Is it dumb to tell them I have to watch it in another room? I usually am hyperventilating/making pain sounds whenever C/Q have a scene…this is going to be so embarrassing….

anonymous asked:

Its so hard these days to imagine the scene/setting where CQ will finally hook up, it wasnt that difficult before, most likely they would just give in to their tension in some desperate but incredibly hot love scene, and be akward after, either in the office, embassy or whatever. It was not easy to picture them in a very romantic situation, and it still isnt, they are not that kind of people. But smth new has appeared in their relationship, C knows Q loves her, its a game changer. (Contd.)

CQ hook up contd.: And this IMO leads to more possibilites for how it will be, it can be very romantic, no candle light, but tender and sweet, but also very passionate, and how will Q be, has he changed to a more tender loving man who is willing to show and tell how he feels? Probably not, but a girl can dream:-)

Hi Anon, sorry it’s taken me so long. We’ve been inundated with spoiler news over on WTH, so my poor blog has been neglected. I agree that the letter is a game changer, but I guess I always imagined their eventual hookup more in the tender/romantic department than in the desperate/hot one. I mean, maybe desperate/hot in S2 when their relationship was still very “testy”, but ever since they decided to go the “unrequited love” route with Quinn, the whole ship took on a much more traditionally romantic air, at least for me. I think this was borne out in their first kiss in 4x12 which was definitely romantic. 

@the usa listen up

so a few days ago i said i’d try and take a break from tumblr but im here just to say to americans


donald trump tweeted this:


62% of scottish voters voted to remain in the european union and, in fact, this result has begun discussions to hold another referendum on scottish independence

yup, that’s right, scotland wanted to stay in the eu so badly, they’re willing to leave the uk to do so

(which trump will probably use as an example of ‘taking back control’ anyway tbh)

so, to sum up:

  • scotland did not want to leave the eu
  • trump has NOT seen anywhere ‘going wild’ 
  • scotland never has, nor never will, agree with donald trump, and should not be used as a pawn in american political rhetoric

anonymous asked:

Guys! Neither C nor Q are going to be with anyone else. There is ABSOLUTELY no fucking way in hell that their story goes off the rails because of some crazy white shirt guy or hot nanny! Not after that letter. No, even Carrie isn't maverick enough to look past the letter. Prediction 1: C is going to be chasing after Q this season, letter gets brought up later in the season Pred 2: IDK about threesome, but we're gonna see a good old twosome Pred 3. Hobo Q will still be hot AF. Just you wait!

You are wise, Anon! 👏👏👏

anonymous asked:

Have you seen Sho_Homeland new tweet advertising "Carrie for Queen" t-shirt? I bet you they would sell more if it was "Carrie for QUINN". Just a slight playing with words makes a world difference. LOL! 💁👕😍

Yeah, LOL, it’s pretty cheesy but kind of adorable. Also, don’t they know that Astrid is QUEEN? SMH

And yes, a Quarrie shirt would be appreciated.

Also, look what we found!

anonymous asked:

Come on guys. It's not his best look but remember how we felt after S5 final? He is alive, he lives in Carries basement, plays with Frannie and he is quinning. Hobo Quinn is still hotter than any other guy with fancy clothes and nice haircuts (no I'm not biassed).

I guess if we HAVE to be reasonable… but I’m still holding out hope that we’ll see him in his navy button-down shirt before the end of the season. 

anonymous asked:

I definitetly didn't get hooked on HL bc of Brody or his boring daughter. Actually they were the reason to make me stop watching the show. I just started watching again/obssessing over HL bc of Quinn!!

Most/all of us here on WTH were casual viewers during S1, too. And then New Car Smell happened.  And now we are stuck in this circle of HELL we can’t get out of.

anonymous asked:

Just hypothetically. Imagine Quinn/Rupert would leave the show at some point in the coming seasons. Not that I'm affraid of that, but I asked myself if I still would watch HL. I don't think so. Not because it isn't a good show but I would miss Q. too much. Would you?

Yeah, I think we’ve pretty much established that we wouldn’t be able to keep watching if Rupert left. I love Carrie and I’d like to think that I’d stick around to see what would become of her, but truth is, I don’t think I could bear it. I just love Quinn too much :(. 

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