Fangirl Challenge || [1/10] Actresses ||Gillian Anderson

“I can’t wait to share it with my boys- because it just occurred to me that there will be a time when they come to me and say "Hey Mom, people keep telling us about this show that you were on, called the X-something - can we watch that too?” That will be a day - however it is that it will be beamed into our future household - we’ll sit down on our levitating couch, and I will screen the pilot episode in front of Oscar and Felix.“

fangirl challenge [1/5] Manga Arts

I, for one, really enjoy Masashi Kishimoto’s art. It’s beautiful. It might not have been consistent, but it has only gotten better. When he shows us his skills, he is just genius. To be able to weekly produce masterpieces…i just…wow. I hope even after he finishes Naruto, he will continue to draw, if not as a mangaka, then as an artist. I love your work Kishi!