Zoë Rivas and sex...

Loses her virginity to Drew. Drew assumes she’s easy, when he finds out she was a virgin, he panics. He enters into a relationship he doesn’t want, and ends up hurting Zoë after he breaks it off with her. (Has sex in a pool house.)

Gets drunk at a party to try and numb the pain of what happened with Drew. Is sexually violated. (Is assaulted in a pool house.)

Falls in love for the very first time, and it happens extremely fast that she can’t really grasp it. Not only does she fall in love, it happens to be a girl and it scares her a bit, but she realizes how strong her feelings are. She’s believes she is loved back, opens up and doesn’t just have sex, but honestly makes love for the first time. Is rejected the next day. (Has sex in a bed.)

This one hasn’t been confirmed, but there is the assumption. Is pissed off that her love isn’t, as she believes at this point reciprocated, lashes out by having sex with the person she loves’ “crush.” (Has sex on a tree stump.)

There is a trend that all of Zoë’s sexual experiences and they haven’t been good for her. The only time she was truly into it, it didn’t end up the way she thought it would have, and that’s very sad for her. She should have never have done anything with Zig, and her actions aren’t justified, but she clearly was hurting.