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Crowley will always be one of my favorites that deserved better but more than that Mark Sheppard deserved better too. He's an amazing actor and I don't think many people know just how much work he's done in tv Sci-if and how LUCKY we were as a fandom to have him. He and Crowley deserve all the love and he'll be missed.

I agree, K - Mark deserves all the awards. It’s one of those things that if he weren’t on genre shows, he would have a house full of Emmys. X Files, BSG, Doctor Who, everything. My favorite character outside of Crowley had to be Canton Delaware III from DW.

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Crowley Love Giveaway

BSG: Literally tells you that Laura is dying ever since the first episode.
BSG: Reminds you that Laura is dying almost constantly throughout the series.
BSG: Literally calls Laura “ The Dying Leader”.
Me when Laura dies: Shocked. Appalled. Totally unprepared. Who could have forseen this? My feelings will never recover.

Funny thing about Star Wars: You always feel there’s a “droid rebellion” storyline they never will touch on.

Um, they’re self-aware and intelligent beings. They can feel love. They can feel fear. They have personalities. They aren’t just machines. 

So what you have done to them is, erm, in fact, pretty hideous. 

Sometimes I just have to pause, take a deep breath, and pinch myself in order to believe that Roslin and Adama exist. Like this is actual canon shit in which two fifty-something people are allowed to be beautiful, flawed, powerful, broken, decisive, confused, in control, drowning, honest, terrified, intensely sexual, 100% deeply and irrevocably in love, and there aren’t even any love triangles or bullshit misunderstandings thrown in to create fake drama.

This is a canonical thing that actually exists.