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8 things you probably didn't know about TVD

#1 Damon and Elena weren’t supposed to be a couple.

The author Julie Plec didn’t have such a plan, but the fans influenced on her decision.

#2 Damon and Stefan Salvatore should be Damon and Stefan Whittemore.

#3 Have you ever paid attention to the titles in the season?

Each episode in the fifth season was named after the film. Gone Girl, What Lies Beneath and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

#4 Paul Wesley almost didn’t get the role of Stefan. Can you imagine someone else playing him?

#5 Ian Somerhalder has never wanted to be a good guy and he wasn’t satisfied when Damon became completely softened.

#6 The blood from the show is edible.

#7 Ashley Tisdale almost got the role of Elena.

Now I can’t imagine anyone else but Nina Dobrev in this role.

#8 Klaus Mikaelson was supposed to die much earlier in the show.

Authors of the series liked Joseph Morgan so much that they left him the entire season, but in the end he stayed much longer.