I got bored and went through the apple store trying to document as many games with closeups of angry screaming warrior guys for their icons as I could. I made allowances for icons with closeups of angry warrior guys with their teeth clenched menacingly because I figured that’s close enough. this is as many as I was able to get before I realized such a task was impossible for any mere human and gave up. this probably isn’t even half of them.

I call this masterpiece “he scream at own app”

  • Windu:Wait a minute, Skywalker. You busted through a window for no reason?
  • Anakin:Basic Jedi tactic, Master. Cover every exit.
  • Windu:It was a sealed window on the fifth floor. You could have just gone in the door with Obi-Wan.
  • Anakin:Yeah, but then what would my catchphrase have been? "Knock, knock, who's there? Justice?"
  • Anakin:Ooh. That's actually amazing. Obi-Wan write that down.
  • Obi-Wan:Already did.