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Item #93 (IMAGE): You know those Chinese festival dragons where several people are hidden under the cloth of the body and tail? Make one of those, but have it be the largest Castiel ever seen: there should be one “head” and then everyone else must be under a massively long, large, and brown home-made looking trench coat behind the head (there must be at least 7 people under the “coat”). Make sure your Castiel New Year’s Festival is celebrated in public in a crowded venue.

Ottawa police officer demoted after trying to pull a fast one at Canadian Tire | Metro News
Const. Todd Sheppard, an 18-year veteran with the Ottawa Police Service, admitted to switching price tags on an expensive hiking bag.

So Const. Todd Sheppard, who earns $93,000.22 a year as an Ottawa cop, decided to pull one of the oldest shoplifting-type scams in the books to save himself a sweet $130.  And why not?  It’s not like his fellow Ottawa pigs would charge him if he was caught.  Turns out he was right about that.

Oh, but he’s bumped down one pay grade for 12 months.  Any of us non-cops would be criminally convicted, but I guess in Ottawa a badge = a licence to steal without having to worry about that none.   

Pisces General Horoscopes

Pisces Daily-Today’s General Horoscope

Don’t be surprised if your inbox fills with email or your phone rings off the hook, Pisces. Friends, relatives, and colleagues could have great news and useful information. One or more of these messages could inspire you to send a few of your own or even pay some visits. Most of what you learn should be positive and exciting, although some things may be confusing.

Pisces Today : General = 83% | Feelings = 93% | Spirituality = 80%

Pisces Daily-Yesterday’s General Horoscope

Emotionally, you may feel as if you’re running up against a brick wall, Pisces. It could be that your first reaction is to drown your sorrows in drink. Escapism is only a temporary remedy. If things slam in your face today, use this as an indication that you need to take necessary action. Don’t keep bouncing around from one thing to the next in order to avoid the obvious. Face the music.

Pisces Daily-Tomorrow’s General Horoscope

A powerful desire for a current or potential romantic partner might come over you today, Pisces. This person could live far away or be on a trip, so you might have to be satisfied with a phone call or email instead of the meeting you’d prefer. Don’t get frustrated. Distract yourself with an exciting novel or movie and look forward to when you can get together.

Pisces Weekly General Horoscope

Your relationships look more sizzling than ever, especially as the Sun now enters this sector and brings many options for socializing, interacting, and taking a key association to the next level. This can be one of the better times to get into the dating loop or create a partnership for business or other interests. When it comes to pursuing one of your goals or plans, you could find yourself in a quandary midweek. If so, ease back and go with the flow.

Pisces Monthly General Horoscope

The August 2 New Moon highlights the importance of good health. You’ll look great no matter how you feel. Congratulate yourself for all your good habits and spread the good word. Someone important to you will listen. The Full Moon on August 18 brings you some quality quiet time. Be as private as you like or share it with your special, most intimate someone. If you prefer to rest, do it. Whatever you choose will be richly rewarding. August 27 could be full of romance as Venus and Jupiter come together in Virgo. You may feel reluctant at first, but that can change.

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A Pair of Aquamarine, Kunzite and Diamond Ear Pendants:

Each designed as two staggered lines of circular-cut diamonds suspending a pear-shape kunzite, weighing approximately 9.93 carats in total, and aquamarine, weighing approximately 18.39 carats in total, mounted in 18K white gold, length 2 ¼ inches.

Signed ‘MB’ for Margherita Burgener, 'Italy’, with an original box. Via Philips: http://buff.ly/29biw4w

TWS: Chapter 2

Pairings: Winter!Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Smut, swearing, mentions of violence and torture.

Word count: 2,389

Okay so heres part two, gets a lil hot and heavy. I’m still pushing myself with this fic and i tried hard to capture Winter!Buckys nature too so i hope i did okay! 

For the past 93 days you’d been broken down to rock bottom, both mentally and physically. The scientists had stripped you of your humanity, much like everyone else here at the HYDRA facility.

You no longer knew your own name, parents or childhood friends. The only thing you knew was that The Winter Solider saved you… right? Anyway, you’d been training with some other soldiers for the last 28 days, pushing you to your limits and further. Pain was turned into pleasure and nowadays you craved for a good fight. You loved to be tested and praised so you went further than you needed to, training extra hard and studying your enemies until you knew every detail of their lives.

So here you were, no longer a human but something so much more.

And you fucking loved it.

The only thing that could make this all better if you were actually given a mission but your wishes were granted one day as you were interrupted whilst trying to break some coding. Easy as shit but it passed the time.
Your leader, Sgt Maverick walked over to your table.

“Attention soldier” he spoke, resulting in you standing to attention, arms straight at your sides, your chest out and your head held high.

“Yes Sergeant.” You said in a monotone voice.

“I have a mission for you. Your coding skills are impeccable, and we need you to go and extract some vital information from Politician Y/F/L/N’s home. Can you do that soldier?”

“Yes Sir!” You exclaimed, your excitement getting the better of you, you felt a weird sense of deja vu upon hearing the name but brushed it off anyway.

“Good, you’ll be leaving at 0800 hours tomorrow morning. Squad E15J will be accompanying you. Play nice.” And with that he left without any more information.

You got up and collected your things and as you went to turn around and walked straight into someone. You dropped your belongings and pulled your fists up, ready for a potential attack. But you were met with your friend Nick laughing lightly at you. You dropped your fists and laughed slightly too.

“I see someone is preparing for tomorrow already” he joked and the two of you picked up your things once more and continued to walk down the corridor to your bunker, stopping to drop off your things then moving on to the canteen. Discussing some tips for your upcoming mission and hearing about Nicks 24 person kill streak from the past 4 months of him being at the facility. Nick was the brother of one of the Captains here, so naturally he took place as one of the soldiers with little encouragement. His stories intrigued you and despite having heard it all before, you wanted to hear again how he had murdered innocent and weak people. Little rats really, doing nothing, just disgusting vermin who needed to be exterminated.

After getting your food, you sat down at your squads table, noticing the Winter Solider there too, you’d hadn’t spoken to him since he saved you from you wretched life before you became someone… something you had only dreamed of becoming.
It was extremely honourable of him to take on such a hassle of saving so many people from lives they were destined to fail at. They’d all just leave school, work the same boring job for 60 years and then die alone. Thank fucking God you had been…um…saved? That’s it. Saved.

You pushed the questioning to the back of your mind as you busied yourself with the food sat untouched merely inches away from you when, before you could react, a silver hand reached forward and grabbed your water bottle. You looked to your right as your savoir downed the contents of the bottle in under a few seconds. You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes were gently closed, his expression showed a hint of calmness instead of his usual, stony, cold looks. His jaw moved slightly as he drank, his stubble ghosting over his skin and all you wanted to do was bite at it. His hair hung in a loose ponytail at the back of his head, loose strands had framed his face perfectly and his lips were wrapped tightly around the tip of the bottle. Your body shook a little at the thought if what else he could wrap his lips around. His bionic arm whirred softly as he held up the water bottle and suddenly it came down as he turned back to you. Piercing blue eyes stared at you through thick lashes and you simply turned in your seat and stood up to get another water bottle. Your legs felt like jelly, knowing that he caught you looking, although you wish he’d just have his way with you and stop his stupid self from looking good all the fucking time.

You returned a moment later only to realise that Winter had gone, you picked up your food and made your leave, no body questioning you. Nobody asked questions here, you’d learnt the hard way when you asked Nick’s ex-girlfriend why she pined after him like a lost puppy, resulting in you getting a punch to the face, only to have rolled her over and pinned her down, using your body weight against her as you told her to calm down, to which she responded by screaming at you, full-fucking-volume. Getting you both in trouble for fighting with other soldiers. Dumb bitch, she just couldn’t shut up. Oh well she was killed on the last mission. Most likely cause she made too much fucking noise and got caught. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the memory of receiving the news of her death. Nick had just shrugged his shoulders and continued with sparring with some other people.

You had unbelievable skills when it came to coding and anything technology related and since HYDRA gave you the same serum as Winter, you were strong. Both mentally and physically. You were a force to be reckoned with.

The only person much better than you would be The First Winter Soldier. He had been here the longest, had the most experience and the longest running kill streak with a total of 127 kills. You had yet to build your streak but you knew better than to get in his way, so if the time came, you would allow him the kill.
Not that he would even give you the chance to kill someone anyway…right? One thing however, that seemed off about Bucky was that he was silent 95% of the time. And if he were to make a noise it’d be soft grunts, letting loose, as he slammed his fist into the punching bag, knocking it off the hanger and onto the floor. You’d think that someone with such status would be a cocky little bastard but apparently not. And you’d be a fucking liar if said noises didn’t go straight to your core. Muscles rippling sinfully beneath his shirt and his thick thighs moving graciously around the matt as he swerved and dodged the incoming blows from multiple competitors.

As you walked down the corridor, your uneaten food left in the nearest bin, you had the strangest feeling. Your breathing became heavy and erratic. You gripped onto the wall and fell to your knees with a loud thud, your vision became blurry as images of an abusive old man resembling your dad crossed your mind. Bucky was in your head too, he came through the window and then-

You were suddenly picked up and hauled over someone’s shoulder but with your newfound strength you were able to successfully bring your knee up, and aiming straight for their chest you kicked and pushed off of them, landing on your feet as the person holding you held his chest a wheezed a little. He looked up at you through think lashes and smirk plastered on his face, he pulled his fists up, silently challenging you to a fight. You smiled back, the pain and images in your head were replaced by the single thought that you were about to fight the best, strongest soldier you’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your breathing had become calm and even. You pulled your fists up too, ready to block his attacks. You stood proud and bounced slightly on your feet.

He advanced toward you and throwing his fist at your stomach, you easily blocked it with your arm, kneeled down and swiped his legs out from beneath him, faster than he could react. He fell on his ass and you were about to laugh when he suddenly pulled you atop of him and rolled over. Putting all his body weight onto your legs and hips, he gripped your wrists harshly and pinned them above your head.

“Don’t celebrate until you’ve actually won something kid” he whispered, his breath fanning over your face. You grinned up at him wickedly as a thought popped into your head. He looked at you slightly confused, but when your hips lifted a little and put pressure onto his groin he got the message. He continued to stare down at you, but slightly lifted his hips up, essentially giving you more room as you started to grind into him harder as your smile grew wider with every movement.
He suddenly pulled away and sat on his feet, his expression was unreadable and you were beginning to think you had read the situation all wrong but a single word he spoke diminished your questioning.

“Come” And he turned away from you.

You scrambled onto your feet and the words flew out of your mouth before you could stop them. “Oh I will be” You laughed lightly as he shook his head but stayed facing away from you.

You reached his room quickly and he stepped into it, leaving the door open for you and as you closed it with your foot you both began undressing each other with such ferocity that you wondered if any of your clothes were going to leave in once piece.
He kissed and bit your lips, taking what he wanted from you. You weren’t going to allow him the pleasure though. You fought back just as hard as you scratched at his exposed chest and pushed him onto his back onto the bed. You straddled him and began to roughly grind yourself onto his length, both of you clad in only underwear. He gripped your bra in his hands and ripped it off of your body and throwing it aimlessly away and pushed you over so he was on top again. He pulled his own boxers off and you did the same to yours.

And there you were. Naked as the day you were born in front of one of the deadliest men in the world. And holy fuck you couldn’t be wetter.

He pretty much pounced into you as he shoved two metal fingers into you, the coldness feeling strangely familiar but you ignored it as the pleasure was overwhelming, he removed them and started the rub your clit, his bionic hand was almost vibrating as your cries of pleasure erupted. You were close to your climax and you were pretty sure that Winter knew it. You allowed his name to fall from your lips as the tightness in your stomach began to build faster than ever before. You came onto his fingers with a shout of his name amongst other unintelligible mumbles and words.

Before you could even come down from your high, Winter had inserted himself into you and began pounding relentlessly. One hand reached up to grip your left breast, tweaking the nipple in his fingers as his other hand held onto your hip, no doubt leaving bruises for the morning. His mouth was working its way down your neck and onto your collar bone, leaving bites and marks all the way down. His grunts and low moans were spurring you onto another orgasm, and as the knot in your stomach let loose again you were sure you saw stars as he groaned deeply into your neck and stilled his movements. He pulled away and kissed you deeply. He stared at you for a moment or two before removing himself from you and went to put on clean boxers. He came back with a glass of water and sat down on a chair, opposite to the bed. You sat up too but as you tried to stand the ache between your legs made you groan out loud, earning a cocky smile from the single most handsome man you’d ever laid eyes on.
He threw a shirt at you and you caught it, realising quickly it was one of his and you went to pull on your underwear, bending over, giving him a full view of your exposed lower half.

“Don’t. I prefer you without them.” He spoke out, taking a sip of the drink but never taking his eyes off you.

“Yes Sir” You smiled sweetly as you turned to him, an innocent smile playing on your lips as you ran a hand up your neck, feeling your skin on fire from all of his aggressiveness. You pulled the bottom of the shirt up too, exposing your goodies once again and rubbed the new bruised forming on your hips. All the while you looked at him as he stared at your wandering hands hungrily. He spoke once again, breaking the silence.

“I’m glad you came Soldier”
“Well technically speaking, we both came Soldier” you smiled cheekily as you mimicked him.

And for once you think you saw him smile ever so slightly before he turned to put his drink down and laid down upon the covers. He gently patted the space next to him and you all but leaped onto the bed beside him. You made sure not to overstep your boundaries and kept your distance but he turned and pulled you into him.
He fell asleep quickly but you stayed awake thinking about how many kills you might get to make tomorrow morning, with Winter by your side you felt invincible. You slipped into a comfortable sleep, a smile still on your lips as you traced your neck again where he had marked you as his own.

Taurus General Horoscopes

Taurus Daily-Today’s General Horoscope

Today your physical and mental energy should be operating at a very high level, Taurus. You probably won’t spend much time inside if you can avoid it. Expect get-togethers with friends and colleagues, and some stimulating, animated discussions. You may want to go for a workout. This is a great day to go out in the evening, perhaps to a concert, play, or movie. Have a great day.

Taurus Today : General = 93% | Compatibility = 75% | Friendship = 65%

Taurus Daily-Yesterday’s General Horoscope

Take hold of this day as if it’s your own and use it to grow your dreams, Taurus. You’ll find a great deal of power and dynamism in the air urging you to take the adventurous route. There’s no need to hold back. The door is open and waiting for you to take the leap of faith to the other side. Don’t even worry about consequences now. Your good luck will pull you safely through.

Taurus Daily-Tomorrow’s General Horoscope

Money matters could prove obsessive today, Taurus, as you might be trying to make an important purchase and need to revise your budget in order to do so. You’ll be able to do it if you calm down and don’t stress out. Be logical and methodical, and you’ll probably accomplish what you want without too much frustration. Tonight, schedule a special date with a lover.

Taurus Weekly General Horoscope

Life’s pleasures are there for the taking, and there are plenty of chances to enjoy them when the Sun dances into your leisure sector early this week. Whether you’re looking for romance or seeking to rekindle love’s flame, the present backdrop brings the opportunity to do so. Where business matters are concerned, you could hit a snag. The more you try to overcome it, the more intractable it may seem. Avoid making any major business moves and go easy this week.

Taurus Monthly General Horoscope

Your home environment and family life could see a major improvement under the August 2 New Moon. You have control and know how you want things. It might be a tiny change, but it will feel big and beautiful. Get serious about success at the August 18 Full Moon. A changing condition or unexpected opportunity may open up at work that lets you step up and take charge of something you didn’t realize you’ve been waiting to do. Love your life on August 27 when Venus and Jupiter come together in a conjunction. Beauty and happiness can be in the details, too.

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hippieadvisor  asked:

whats the cut off age for the adult requriement

In the Likers’ eyes, an Adult is 18-93. If you are 17 or below you are but a child, not ready for the responsibility and power that comes with being a Liker. If you are 94 or older, you are going to forget your facebook password.

I’m Gabriel Reyes, and this is my Watchpoint. I defend here with Soldier: 76 and my apprentice, Jesse McCree. Everyone here has story and a cheesy catchphrase. One thing I’ve learned after 93 levels – you never know WHAT is gonna come through those doors and try to push that objective.