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This show is not Dawson's Creek or 90210. That's what I love about Disney they choose two characters whether they are not together for ever they will never end up with the best friend of the ex BF/GF. Just like Austin and Ally Lucas and Riley had to find their comfort zone to define their relationship. I hope this make sense of not don't post. Lol

I absolutely agree! MJ has made a point of mentioning that the core point of this show is friendship. He has made it clear through his tweets and comments what his intentions are. I don’t see him treating these kids and their relationships like interchangeable parts. That goes against everything he has said and the lessons he has tried to teach through his shows.
That is not a message he wants to send.

Also- with some of the theories being thrown around- at least 2 relationships would have to end for them to happen.

This is a Disney show written by one of the most respected minds in the genre…. Not a knock-off of Swingers!!!

Can I just say that I HATE love triangles.

for example:

Lucas, Maya, Riley. 

Joey, Rachel, Ross. 

Elena, Stefan, Damon (let me say I still have scars from this)

Katniss, Gale, Peeta. 

Caroline, Klaus, Tyler (ugh)

Bella, Edward, Jacob.

Peyton, Lucas, Brooke (scarred from this one too, this could have been what happened to Riley and Maya tbh)

Peyton, Lucas, Lindsay. 

Degrassi is just a clusterfuck, so not going there. 


Allison, Scott, Isaac. 

Allison, Scott, Kira.

Nate, Serena, Dan.

Nate, Blair, Serena. 

Blair, Chuck, Dan.

Dan, Vanessa, Olivia. 

Dan, Vanessa, Serena. 

Blair, Chuck, Nate. 

Pacey, Joey, Dawson (send help) 

Cassie, Diana, Adam. 

Cassie, Adam, Jake. 

Seth, Summer, Anna (ugh)

Seth, Summer, Zach (ughhh) 

Seth, Summer, Alex. 

Luke, Marissa, Ryan.

Marissa, Theresa, Ryan. 

Marissa, Alex, Ryan.

Marissa, Volchok, Ryan. 

Tim, Lyla, Jason (ugggggggghhhhh) 

Silver, Navid, Adrianna. 

Kelly, Brenda, Dylan. 

Brandon, Kelly, Dylan. 

Angel, Buffy, Spike. 

Brian, Chloe, Alec.