I’m in such an amazing mood today! I’ve had a great night sleep, I don’t feel at all poorly and I’m now eating my toast and watching 8oo10c. I might go swimming later, yay fishy times. My bloody cheap-ass scales have broken so I’ve no idea if I’ve lost weight! I’m quite excited for work tomorrow, I love the challenge. Ahhh somebody is driving past my house blaring Let It Go out of their car :) I’ve had yet another dozen of amusing asks telling me about how much my stalker is insanely copying every single little thing. I love how they still think that it’s new thing and that I need to be informed. It provides a good few laughs but still, it’s kind of boring now. Joe Wilkinson is a national treasure. I’m so bouncy! Not because I’m podgy, I mean happy bouncy. I’m open to asks and all that lovely crap!