Let’s get Little Mix certified!!

What’s up y’all? Little Mix have a few more videos to get certified, so lets get them done!

SOTME- 2.7M views

Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo- 99.1M views (GET THIS DONE!!)

Love Me Like You- 81.2M views

Salute- 98.1M views (Are you kidding me? give this bop some respect!)

Word Up!-83.9M views

Little Me- 32.5M views

How Ya Doin’? ft. Missy Elliot- 61.3M views

Change Your Life- 73.9M views

DNA-82.3M views

We can get half of these done in the next couple of days! With Glory Days coming out November 18th, this would be a huge show of support for the girls and could possibly show their management that the interest is still there and could grow to enormous star power if they gave them the worldwide tour they deserve! So spread this post and get these girls certified!!

In July 1903, a little less than a year before their keels were laid, plans for a new class of 5 steel-hulled, steam-driven lightships were approved by the Office of the Lighthouse Board. This class included our No. 83, now labeled “SWIFTSURE”. She is now the oldest U.S. lightship remaining, and the only one to retain her original steam machinery. Over her 55-year career No. 83 was greatly modified from the plan shown here. The steadying sails were removed after World War I, and the ship was modernized extensively to its present configuration in the 1930s.

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Things that need to be done:
🌷email my history teacher to see if i can get my 81 changed to an 83; so I’ll hopefully have a 4.0
🌷khan academy, and not give up this time
🌷annotate half a chapter of ap us
🌷read until chapter 15 of the kite runner

💐 remember to eat today; nothing junk food-y
💐 don’t go to bed sad; try to talk to friends before sleeping whether it be irl or on Tumblr
💐 find some good guitar covers of songs i like

I totally freehand carved this baby last night lol. At first it was gonna be a retro video game lookin’ angry face with a bloody mouth but my bro said it kind of looked like a cat so I just went with it. SO THERE YOU GO, FOR ALL YOU MEOW LOVERS. 🎃😺 Meow! Now gimme some early Halloween candy for letting you see this! >83

“Here’s a rad picture of my old man in 1979 with a stroked out Ironhead he and a few of his friends built in a shed. The bike set a few records at bandimere speedway. Ran from 1979-83 (pops has the giant from)” 📷: @rampagejesse #FBF #raceeverything #racinghistory #raceway

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death dates of the stars of hamilton (in order) and their age:

  • laurens: august 27, 1782. 27.
  • washington: december 14, 1799. 67.
  • peggy: march 14, 1801. 42.
  • philip: november 24, 1801. 19.
  • hamilton: july 12, 1804. 47.
  • angelica: march 13, 1814. 58.
  • mulligan: march 4, 1825. 84.
  • jefferson: july 4, 1826. 83.
  • maria: march 25, 1828. 60.
  • lafayette: may 20, 1834. 76.
  • madison: june 28, 1836. 85.
  • burr: september 14, 1836. 80.
  • eliza: november 9, 1854. 97.

kaneki: *finally values his life after going through 23 years of pain, suffering, abuse, false identities, trauma, mental breakdowns, and torture*

kaneki: i’m finally happy!!!!!!!

arima: wait check this out


SNK manga fandom is currently a mess.
But i’m here to celebrate, coz my ship is finally “sailing”.
I’ve decided to redraw that manga panels~

Don’t get me wrong, now i’m in #teameveryonelives though i can’t help myself, coz i’m an eruri shipper~ Still preparing for the worst next month, in case this is the last eruri canon fanart i made;_;…. i hope not…. 

For less bloody Levi’s face, u can go===> Here


“So the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near–
Ah,“ said the fox, "I shall cry.”
It is your own fault,“ said the little prince. "I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you …”
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
But now you are going to cry!” said the little prince.
Yes, that is so,“ said the fox.
Then it has done you no good at all!”
It has done me good,“ said the fox, "because of the color of the wheat fields.”
( Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince )

Levi’s Choice Isn’t An Easy One

I know this is a long post and I wanted to put it under a “Read More” but that isn’t working for whatever reason -__-

I know I mentioned that ACWNR seemed to be coming full circle in the recent chapter, but there is something in particular that I wanted to talk about, and that is what Levi may be feeling by the end of chapter 83 because of his past. In no way am I stating that Levi will save any certain character with the serum at any point in this post. That isn’t what this post is about. I just want to go over why the decision may not be as simple as some people believe it should be. 

The look in Levi’s eyes here: 

The way Levi looks at Mikasa in this panel is heartbreaking for me because I honestly believe that in this moment, Levi is getting a glimpse at the pain and desperation in her heart. The same pain and desperation he felt in his heart when he watched his closest friends die because he couldn’t get to them in time. 

Levi knows exactly how Mikasa feels in this moment and he most likely fully understands why she would be willing to attack him for the sake of having a chance at saving her friend. Her actions at this point are out of desperation and a plethora of emotions. Hurt, shock, and an extreme need to protect the only family she has left. Much like how Levi felt… Only in Levi’s case; he was already too late to save his family. 

Knowing that he was too late still didn’t stop him from behaving violently though, and it didn’t stop him from confronting the one he felt was responsible for the death of his family. The person he believed to be the reason for their demise. 

Much like how Eren and Mikasa react to Levi’s stance on not continuing through with saving Armin. Because to them, it feels like a betrayal. Which I imagine, is a lot like how Levi felt back when Isabel and Farlan died. Played for the sake of a game they had no idea they were even pawns in, and it was a game they had no chance of winning from the get go. It obviously hurt Levi deeply, and now he is witnessing the kids in his squad experience that same feeling towards him. 

I know everyone wants to hate on Levi right now, but imagine the position this man is in. Being put on the spot to either save the man who he honestly believes is humanity’s only chance at victory because he was proven to be willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of freedom; himself included.

Or the genius kid in his squad with a family that loves him just as deeply as he loved his friends. Friends that he most likely - to this day - still wishes he could have saved. 

Levi is in a very tough spot and this choice will not be an easy one for him. Especially after seeing the pain his choice could cause and the desperation he once felt himself on the face of someone else. No one knows who he will choose, but neither choice will be the right one and I think Levi know’s this.

After all this time, he will finally have to make a very important decision and accept the fact that no matter what, some small part of him will always regret his choice. He will carry that guilt and the weight of that person’s life with him for the rest of his days. 

He might also have to deal with his squad, kids he smiled at because they stood by him, despising him forever because of his decision. Or he might have to deal with humanity’s damnation because he let the one man willing to carve a path to victory in blood and climb a mountain of corpses towards freedom die in order to give his dear subordinates the option he never had. 

But either way,

This is the face of a man who knows that he will feel guilty no matter who he chooses. Because in the end, he is keenly aware of the pain his subordinates feel, and he is also aware of the importance Erwin holds as a Commander and as his friend.  

No matter who he chooses; he isn’t entirely wrong, but he isn’t entirely right either, and that is a very shitty place to be in.