For you pussy “war hardened” guys that get “spooked” by fireworks. Yeah I know I jump too when I hear triple 7s go off at bragg or take a quick pause and assess where Im at whenever I hear the ranges going off on base, but stop overplaying the fact that you have to show people you suffer from PTSD. That shits annoying. If you’re a bad motherfucker, be bad. Don’t take advantage of what some people truly suffer with for the sake of people looking at you with some sort of respect. You and most guys that has been in for a good minute has deployed and seen or experienced combat. Act like a fucking badass gutchecker like you are or go fucking home and whine about the fireworks being too loud. Oh and happy 4th of July everybody!


The Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” Returning With The Remastered Treatment

Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”
Color: Black/Bordeaux-Light Graphite-Midnight Fog   
Release Date: July 18th, 2015
Price: $190

Some of you could agree that this color-way is one of the hottest among the Jordan 7 line and one of the most sought after. With resell prices reaching the $350-$450 price range and only seeing one retro in 2011 since the OG back in ‘92, they are finally making their way back to us and this time getting that “remastered” treatment. Looking a lot more similar to the OG with a darker shade of grey along the mid-sole and the usual black, bordeaux, light graphite and midnight fog all around. Expect these later this month July,18th for $190.

Images Via: Sneakernews

I used to have a joke when I was driving around town with friends and spotted someone in a Penguins jersey. “Hey, there’s a no. 7!” You see so many 7s in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, most have an 8 before or a 1 after. Sid and Geno run the town. Whenever I would see an actual Paul Martin jersey, I’d usually pop my head out the window and say hello.
—  Paul Martin (x)

Women’s Sevens:

The IRFU have been selected to host the World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series qualifier, which will see 12 teams, including Olympic-qualified Brazil and Colombia, compete for the two remaining places on the coveted 2015/16 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series.

UCD will host over 200 visiting players and management with games taking place at the UCD Bowl,which has a capacity of up to 3,000 spectators.

Tickets are available from €5, with children free - 2 day tickets for the event are also available www.ticketmaster.ie.

So rugby 7s this weekend and the night out is toga themed, think i did alright, now to remember how to do this without a mirror and in a tent


Another Hot Drop For This Saturday: Nike “What The” KD 7 by RockCityKicks

Nike “What The” KD 7
Color: Multi-Color/Black Horizon
Release Date: June 20th, 2015
Price: $200

With all the heat that’s dropping this weekend make sure to add the “What The” KD 7 to the list of possible cops for this Saturday June 20th. The “What The” KD 7s uses 18 different color-ways along the upper part of the shoe with a what seems to be a transparent/translucent toe-box, sole, and straps. Anyone going for these Saturday?