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Mart of Walls here again

Tl;dr pettiness made my manager act right.
So after the $1.35 story submitted earlier I thought I’d share another wonder detail of working in automotive. We had our own ASM and Department manager. This place is open inside of Walmart 7a-7p and usual shifts range from 7a-4p and 11a-8p. We had the department manger almost every day, myself and an elderly lady who couldn’t pick up batteries or tires or well, anything. So I come in working two jobs and then I finally got fed up with Bros Dress for Less that I quit and I kid you not the day I quit my ASM signed me on to being full time in auto. So I’m like “sweet more hours for me” and let me fucking tell you the day I signed the full time paper is the day my personal hell began.
So there’s three people inside including myself which means if my Department manager is off I’m the next best thing which meant I had to do price changes, inventory, stock, put over stock back in the back room, load batteries into the shelves above my head, straighten everything, run the counter, as well as helping customers find filters WHEN THERES A MACHINE THAT DOES IT FOR YOU LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FILTERS. So I got fairly good at juggling these things with the help of the Department manager from sporting goods. The problem is that I was doing the Department manager’s job better than he ever did and we’ll call him Dan.
Dan was a real prick. We’re supposed to load batteries in from the back so we don’t have months of old batteries, helps us look good helps get customers good batteries good deal. Well Dan is considerably stronger than me, obviously and he never loaded batteries correctly. I had extra hand one day so I tore out all 50+ car batteries and put them in correctly the oldest dating back to March of 15 which is stupid for a car battery so I let my ASM know. Well he never talked to Dan and I saw him loading batteries incorrectly the same week I’d fixed it so when I told him he was doing it wrong he informed me that “if I wanted it done differently I could do it my damn self”. So I took matters into my own hands. I started fucking up inventory in the back, putting shit in the wrong place and even going outside to do the technician job of changing batteries and oil and such. He didn’t understand what was going wrong. So he asked me if I knew where something was a few months into this petty thing I’d done and I looked at him and said “I’m not sure where it is Dan. Maybe if you want shit organized you should do it your damn self.” And he started doing his job correctly after that. #pettyforthebetter

The CMAs air tomorrow night at 8p ET/7p CT & Little Big Town is performing. Since it’s the 50th year of the show expect surprises (will Tay show up because she’s apparently back in Nash?!?!) and fun performances! Tune in on ABC! 🎉

Isla couldn’t go to daycare today because her eye is contagious so Jimmy worked 7p-7a and has to watch her while I work instead of sleeping like he usually would. I told him to nap with her so he can get a few hours sleep and it looks like he took my suggestion and built them a little napping nest

Market report: Acacia misses out on gold rush after jitters hit FTSE

A bout of the jitters sent investors rushing for safe-haven gold stocks, but there was one that was left off the wish list: Acacia Mining.

Shares in the Tanzanian gold miner dived 26.5p or 5.6% to 450.7p after it terminated merger talks with Canada’s Endeavour Mining.

Though the FTSE 250 firm did not say why the £3 billion deal had fallen through, analysts speculated that the Tanzanian government’s decision this month to ban exports of gold and copper concentrates was the reason.

Shore Capital’s Yuen Low wondered whether the export ban, which hit Acacia’s share price, prompted Endeavour to ask for better terms. “Perhaps they pressed just a bit too hard?”

Panmure Gordon analyst Kieron Hodgson said the deal would have created “a credible London-listed Pan-African producer capable of challenging Randgold”, referring to the FTSE 100 gold giant.

In fact, it was Randgold, up 65p at 7260p, which stole the show on the blue-chip index amid concerns that the global market rally might have finally run out of steam, with the FTSE 100 down 66.01 or 0.9% to 7312.33.

That pushed investors towards gold, known for its safe-haven appeal. However, the gains were limited to just 2.11 cents today, to $1246.61 an ounce, after last night’s rally as the dollar fell.

The City’s punters had a flutter on William Hill, one of the few to avoid the sea of red. Its shares edged up 0.2p to 280.3p as Investec upgraded from Sell to Hold in anticipation of a share surge in the run-up to its first-quarter results in May.

Another broker downgrade knocked industrial laundry firm Berendsen 31p or 3.8% lower to 781.5p as Credit Suisse swapped its Outperform rating for Underperform, following yesterday’s move from Barclays.

Clarksons sank 132.5p or 4.5% to 2818.5p after shareholders of RS Platou, which it bought for $440 million, sold £34 million of the shipbroker’s shares, while strong results lifted software firm Softcat 14.6p to 362.10p.

Elsewhere, recent AIM float Van Elle warned that contract delays would mean annual revenues around 5% lower than the £93 million it had pencilled in. Shares in the construction firm tumbled 24p or 21% to 90p, below the 100p IPO price.