Javier Fernández (ESP) - Malagueña - 109.05 (TES 60.79, PCS 48.26)


The place I’m subbing at literally has their grading scale as an A is 100-95, B is 94-87, C is 86-79, D is 78-71 and a F is 70 and below.

A 70% is failing. 

I’m just sitting here contemplating why on earth someone decided 70% was failing, and how sad I feel for the students here because MAN does that got to be stressful…there’s no buffer at all. 

Just. Damn…

aspiring-trashfire replied to your post “Because of your answer to 79: 78? Also 81?”

Hey so Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls did a tour in 2013 and I HAD NO IDEA until 2016. Oh hey Matchbox Twenty is touring this summer O.O

I remember when they toured in 2013, but I was like…nine months pregnant when they came anywhere near us, and so I coudln’t go.  :(  

And of course they’re touring the year we want to try to buy a house.  Because WHY WOULDN’T THEY?  

I swear.  Adulting is so hard.  No concert, Britts.  HOUSE is more important.  

Rereading Vol. 79-82, Chap. 829-872, Last Name Controversy

It’s finally here, the big reveal that Sera has two brothers. Before we take a look at her exact words, I feel compelled to bring up Jodie’s reaction to Conan’s warning about Bourbon:

Poor her. Essentially, an elementary student just told her about the identity of an important BO member, as well as that person’s location. If I was Jodie, Conan would be creeping me out. I mean… kid, what the hell do you DO in your free time?

Now, let me address the Akai family situation:

Sera confirmed that they are three siblings: Shuuichi, Shuukichi, and Masumi. However, they do not share any last names.

Why, though?

  • Sera took her mother’s name after her father had died. Which means that Mary and Tsutomu had been married, not simply in a relationship. Otherwise, Masumi would have had no legal right to the Akai name in the first place.
  • Secondly, Shuuichi kept the last name Akai, despite his father’s death. He was still underage, thus he would have moved with Mary to Japan. Only later did he pursue a career with the FBI. Why did he not take Sera as his last name like the others, which obviously was meant to protect their family from the people who were after Tsutomu? Well, there are different reasons I can come up with. First of all, pride. Akai might have felt like denying his father if he were to turn his back on the name. Or, and this is a more daring explanation: Maybe he had no right to the Sera family name. Mary might not be his mother by blood. That way, he had no legal ground to adopt her last name like Masumi did.
  • Last but not least, there is Shuukichi: Sera tells us that he took the name Haneda upon his graduation. Since it is the same name as Kohji’s, it is possible that he was “in name” adopted by his shougi teacher. It had been a somewhat common tradition to adopt the best pupil into the main line of famous “houses.” I am not well-versed with Shougi traditions, but that’s what they did in Go, another Japanese board game. Based on the manga’s wording, it remains unclear whether Shuukichi had been called Sera or Akai before Tsutomu’s death: There is the distinct possibility that he is a child from a previous relationship.

At this point, I refuse to discard the possibility that the entire Akai family is a patchwork construct. Yes, Masumi claimed that there are inherited attributes between Mary and Shuuichi, as well as Shuukichi and Tsutomu. Yet, her explanation on the last names sounds odd to me. As if Aoyama deliberately intended to mislead us, to present us with a half-solution in order for us to be side-tracked. For instance, Sera’s explanation is cut short due to a case, and even the parts on Shuukichi are vague. Why doesn’t she say “he took his teacher’s name”? Or whatever inspired him to said change. She offers no reason, especially since it happened long after Tsutomu’s death.

It just feels like there’s still something missing. Due to that, it seems rather short-sighted to discard of any theory about that family before we unravel Mary’s past. I just hope it’s something clever.. something worthwhile and surprising.

79. Klaus

a/n: “you’re safe now, I’ve got you.” // also I may or may not have realized my love for Klaus through this one.

To say your boyfriend watched you like a hawk was an understatement, he had you followed where ever you went, had his eye on you during dinners, lunches, breakfasts, even watching you fall asleep and in the early mornings when he woke up before you.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust YOU. It was that he didn’t trust the people around the two of you. The enemies that lurked in New Orleans or around his family.

But you just got him back. After five years of helping Hayley find the cures for his family. Five years of feeling helpless in trying to help him escape. But now he was back, back with you. And back with his daughter. You knew he’d be ecstatic to see his daughter, knew she was the little girl he’d always hoped she’d be. But you also knew how afraid he must’ve been to meet her, the fears Mikael put into his head about him.

The first meeting wasn’t what he’d always wanted but you and Hayley reminded him, she’d need time. She’s just meeting a family she had only heard about and barely remembered from the time she was a baby.

Like now, curled up into his shoulder looking at him, you saw his blue eyes filled with hurt and confusion. “Hey..” You whispered, making him look at you, “I know it wasn’t the picture perfect moment that you wanted… But nothing in life is how you picture. She’s your daughter, she loves you. She will come around and love getting to know her father, I promise you.” He nodded, leaning in and kissing your temple assuringly “I know. It’s jus’, it’s jus’ hard okay? I missed so much, and I jus’ want to be a good father.” At his confession you sighed and took his hand leaning your head on his shoulder

“you are a good father. I’ve seen you with her when she was a baby, you were gentle, kind, and you love her with every beat of your cold.. Dead heart.” You smirked at the last part, seeing the corners of his lips tip up. “I know. You’re right, I jus’ have to give her time. But I’m going to be there for her.” You nodded, smiling as you nudged his leg with yours “I think.. Someone is up for breakfast.” He smiled, listening with you as you heard his daughter talking with Hayley as she set the table. Klaus smiled, getting up and dressed, “are you coming love?” You smiled “I will, just have to get dressed and I’ll be out.” He nodded, pressing a kiss against your forehead before opening and shutting the door.

In all honesty a big part of you felt hesitant about being around Klaus in front of his daughter. Let along affectionate. It had to be strange for her, meeting her family again, let along her fathers girlfriend. The good part was Klaus didn’t seem to notice your hesitancy, instead was beyond focused on making sure his daughter knew he loved her. And you didn’t blame him, it made your heart melt seeing him result to a blubbering mess around her, not the tough hybrid the world knew him as.

Stepping into a pair of shoes, you made your way to the backyard, after grabbing a plate of pancakes from Rebekah. The pair of you walked to the sunny bench in the garden, sitting down side by side as you ate. “I know what your doing.” You looked at Rebekah and she smiled “trying to let my brother have time alone with Hope, trying to stay out of the way so Hope isn’t perturbed.”

You said nothing and she sighed “it’s sweet, but it isn’t needed. He loves you and his little girl, he wants her to get to know you as well. Nik might be daft enough not to notice yet, but you won’t make Hope uncomfortable. If anything she’s curious about the heretic her fathers dating.” You smiled looking at her “really?” She nodded, smiling as she looked up, a hand on your shoulder, looking up seeing your boyfriend with raised brows, his eyes shining at you. Rebekah sighed “well I’ll leave you two alone.” She stood up walking away as Klaus took her seat “was wondering where you ran off to after I didn’t see you at the table.” You nodded with a smile “sorry.” He shook his head, it was quiet for a while, the pair of you just sitting together eating. But thighs touching, that was the thing you loved about Klaus you could be with him without having to say things. You could be quiet and he would understand.

“She’s right you know.” You hummed looking at him and he smiled “I want my daughter to get to know you as well. You don’t have to be hesitant to be around my daughter and I, she’ll love you.” You nodded before saying “I just know how she must feel and I just don’t want to be her dads girlfriend when she’s trying to get to know her own family.” You paused when he took your hand “you are her family.” You pursed your lips and nodded biting your lip in a smile as he added “plus she is quite curious about the lovely Heretic I’m dating.” Bringing a smile out of him as he hooked his arm around your neck.

It was horrible, blood was everywhere. Hope, she way laying on the ground bleeding. Her blood on your hands, she was gasping for help. Asking how you could do this, how you could hurt her. You hadn’t meant to, it was only you didn’t remember a thing about how this happened.. You remembered blood. You screamed “Hope!!” Startling yourself awake as you heard yourself frantically say in a wobbling voice “Hope” you blinked open your eyes and felt an arm around your waist, Klaus.

He pulled you to him, pressing kiss after kiss to the back of your head as he whispered “it’s okay, you’re safe now, I’ve got you.” You realized he must’ve heard you whisper his daughters name. You curled up around yourself as you grabbed the hand that was resting on your stomach “I-there was so much blood and I was so scared, she was dying and I didn’t know why and she just kept asking how I could do this and asking for help and I didn’t know wha-” he nodded, tracing his hand over yours soothingly “I know love it’s alright I promise you, it’s okay.”

You fell asleep again under the watchful eye of him. He watched as your breathing shallowed and your face was peaceful again.

Waking up you turned facing him to see his peaceful face looking back at you. You smiled “hi.” He smiled threading his fingers through your hair “hello.” You sighed “I was so scared..I just..” You deflated seeing his face “I didn’t know what happened.” He nodded kissing your eyelid “you’re just nervous.. It was a dream love that’s all.” You nodded and rubbed your lips together before saying “I was-I’m still scared.” He nodded “I won’t let anything bad hurt you. Either of you. And I know you aren’t going to hurt her, so don’t be afraid to be around her when you’re with me.” You smiled leaning into his chest, smiling against his skin as you smelled the scent of him without cologne, just a fresh out of the shower smell and fell asleep, his lips against your forehead as he smiled.