78. The Ravenclaw common room has a hidden library, the entrance was like that of Diagon Alley - they had a secret code on the bricks - and an arch would open to allow entrance. Every Ravenclaw would leave a different book in the library when they left Hogwarts. Everyone wonders how Ravenclaws know so much, it’s because they have access to hundreds of books on every topic imaginable that the rest of Hogwarts could only dream of reading.

Anderson: It’s just a moo point. 

Lestrade: A moo point? 

Anderson: Yeah. It’s like a cow’s opinion; it just doesn’t matter. It’s moo. 

Lestrade: [to Donovan] Have I been friends with him too long or did that all just make sense?


“Respectable” by Rolling Stones

Some Girls (1978)

Yes or No Tarot

Shuffle you’re deck and fan it out. Close your eyes and ask your question three times.With left hand choose one card and place face down. do this two more times. Asking the same question before you pick. You should have three face down cards. Turn them all over. Three yes cards means yes. Two yes cards means most likely. Three no cards mean no and two no cards mean not likely.
•Neutral Cards
-2 of Swords
-4 of Swords
-4 of Cups
-5 of Wands
-7 of Wands
- IX
•No Cards
-3 of Swords
-5 of Swords
-6 of Swords
-7 of Swords
-8 of Swords
-9 of Swords
-10 of Swords
-Prince of Swords
-10 of Wands
-5 of Cups
-7 of Cups
-8 of Cups
-5 of Wands
•Yes Cards
-All The Rest

{Liz Dean}